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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Guest Post with Author Sarah Gilman and Giveaway

Today I would like to welcome to RFTC, author Sarah Gilman. Sarah is celebrating the recent release of her book Wings of Redemption and she has stopped by for a little chat. Please give Sarah a warm welcome.

Sarah Gilman started her first novel in third grade. She never finished that story, but never gave up the dream. Her fascination with wings also began at that age, when images of the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis captured her imagination and never let go. Now a paranormal romance writer, she employs her love of writing to bring the allure of winged creatures to the pages of her novels. Sarah lives in Vermont with her supportive husband and two spoiled cats.

Places to find Sarah:

Thanks so much for hosting, Danielle!

Hello, everyone!

The idea of love between enemies or opposing forces has always fascinated and inspired me.

“You know, lad, that love business is a powerful thing.”

“Greater than gravity?”

“Well yes, boy, in its way…yes, I’d say it’s the greatest force on earth.”

--Merlin and Arthur from Disney’s The Sword and the Stone.

This quote struck me as a child and I remember thinking about it when I first experienced Romeo and Juliet. Not only can love bring together two people from feuding families, the couple elevated their love above life itself. That’s tragedy, of course, not romance.

The all-powerful nature of love shines in romantic stories about two enemies, and I’ve wanted to write one for a long time. I explored a version of this theme in Out in Blue, the first novel in the Return to Sanctuary series: By nature of being human, the heroine should have been an enemy to the hero, an archangel, but proved from the get-go to be his first ally since his childhood. In Wings of Redemption, I took that idea much further and presented a human heroine allied through family with the poachers who hunt the archangels for their wings, and paired her with an archangel hero.

What can make someone fall in love with their enemy? How can someone get close enough to their enemy in the first place to give love an opening? What if the hero had to struggle internally between leaving his enemy to her fate or saving her life when no one else can? What if the heroine had to choose a budding romance or her family? These questions inspired me to craft the plot of Wings of Redemption.

Readers, what is your favorite “enemies to lovers” story?

Enemies by birth, lovers by choice...

Humans and archangels don’t mix on the best occasions. When Saffron Morin goes to the gates of the demon colony, Eden, in search of her sister, she meets an archangel who is curious one minute and hostile the next, and she ends up the colony’s “guest” against her will.

Kestrel’s archangel psychic talent tells him the human woman’s life is in danger. Despite her family’s association with poachers who hunt archangels for their valuable feathers, he vows to save her life. Enemies by birth, lovers by choice, they give in to growing attraction as days pass.

Even if he succeeds in saving her life, he must hurt her to protect others of his kind, and he may not be able to live with himself after a betrayal he has no choice but to commit. In order to find redemption, the Collector’s daughter and an archangel must first find each other.

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1 lucky winner will win a eBook copy of Wings of Redemption

To Enter:
  • Leave a comment answering this question: what is your favorite “enemies to lovers” story?
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Good Luck =)
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  1. tthe first tomeof the night huntress series by jeaniene frost^^ Bones is so perfect and Cat hated him so much^^

    happy holidays

  2. the first tome of the night huntress series by jeaniene frost

  3. The Pirate Lord by Sabrina Jeffries! Absolutely love it :)

  4. ok - going with Cat & Bones
    PICK ME!!

  5. Cat and Bones tied with Elizabeth and Darcy.

  6. Thanks for a great post! Right now the only one that I can think of is Pride and Prejudice :)

  7. Vampire Diaries- Elana and Damon.
    Happy New Year,

  8. Cat and Bones <3 I love the Night Huntress series and their chemistry is epic.

  9. I'll go with Frost's Halfway to the Grave, too! Love Cat and Bones.

  10. Eric and Sookie from the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris. Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. Scarlet and Gideon from Gena Showalter's The Darkest Lie.

  12. I have to go with the classic Elizabeth Bennet & Mr Darcy.

  13. Annika & Kalan from Kylie Griffin's Vengeance Born

  14. I'm reading one now. A Highlander's Temptation by Sue-Ellen Welfonder. Darroc and Arabella are from two rivaling clans. Not so much from anything that's happened recently between the two clans but from a wrong done many generations back. Love these stories.

  15. This story sounds great!! I have to agree with Cat & Bones. They are a great enemies to lovers duo. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!