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Guest Post with Author Victoria James and Giveaway

Today I would like to welcome to RFTC author Victoria James. Victoria is celebrating the recent release of her book The Billionaire's Christmas Baby and has stopped by to share a snippet of what Christmas was like for The Billionaire's Christmas Baby. Please give Victoria a warm welcome.

Victoria James is a romance writer living near Toronto, Canada. Victoria is a mother to two young children, and one very disorderly feline. Victoria attended Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario and graduated with a degree in English Literature, where she met and then later married, her own hero. After Queen's, Victoria earned a degree in Interior Design. After the birth of her first child she began pursuing her life-long passion of writing. Her dream of being a published romance author was realized last February, 2012, when Entangled Publishing bought her manuscript. Victoria is living her dream-staying home with her children and conjuring up happy endings for her characters.

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Home for the Holidays with The Billionaire’s Christmas Baby

Christmas is a season that can last throughout the year. That one special person can give you everything you ever dreamed of…and more. Victoria James wanted to share what the holiday was like for The Billionaire’s Christmas Baby:

Jackson Pierce clutched the small box in his hand tightly, anticipating Hannah’s arrival. The fireplace burned with intense heat and the dark mahogany mantle was filled with fresh Christmas greenery. The scent of cedar hung pleasantly in the air. The Christmas tree lights twinkled and reflected in the floor-to-ceiling windows of the penthouse.

Hannah appeared in the doorway, moments later, lifting her finger to her lips. “She’s finally sleeping,” she whispered as she joined him in front of the fire. Their adopted daughter of less than two months had turned into what they suspected was the world’s worst sleeping baby.

“Perfect. Because I have something for you,” he said, clearing his throat and holding out the square box wrapped in red paper with a shiny gold bow.

Hannah placed her hands on her hips and frowned. “It’s Christmas eve. We’re supposed to open gifts on Christmas morning.”

Jackson shrugged and placed the box in her hand. “Yeah, well I thought this should be opened tonight.”

Hannah looked down at the box and then up at him again, her green eyes narrowing as her mouth opened-ready with an argument he suspected. “Just open it,” he groaned.

She nodded after a few seconds, shooting him a little smile before untying the bow and then the paper. When she reached the nondescript box, she paused for a moment and Jackson felt his gut clench as he remembered the night she told him about never having a real home of her own.

Hannah lifted off the lid and then reached inside, pulling out the three keys.

She smiled quizzically. “Keys?”

Jackson nodded, his eyes not leaving hers. “One is for the cabin. I realized you didn’t have a key, but that place is your home-“

Hannah grinned and tapped her finger against her chin. “I thought it was your anti-Christmas sanctuary, a place where-“

Jackson kissed her as she tried to recite his infamous words that only a month ago had sounded completely acceptable. “You’re a smart ass. But no. That place is ours. With whatever amount of Christmas commercialism you find acceptable,” he said against her lips, catching her hand and holding it still as she made an attempt to punch him.

“Careful,” he warned, laughing. “You don’t want to hurt me or you’ll never find out what the other two keys are for.”

She pulled away from him. “Okay, tell me.”

Jackson swallowed against the lump in his throat and stared into the green eyes that he adored. “They are the keys to that run-down, Victorian estate we saw last week. I know it’ll be a full reno, but uh, you said it felt like home,” he said gruffly.

He wiped the tears that ran down her soft cheeks as she clutched the keys to her chest. “Hannah I wanted you to wake up on Christmas morning, knowing we had a home. A family home. You, me, Emily. Forever.”

Was your holiday filled with something more than money can buy? Was it filled with a gift that made you laugh until you cried? I’d love to hear your stories of that special day that will live in your memories forever.

Jackson Pierce didn’t make his fortune entertaining every half-cocked idea, especially one involving diaper changes. Not even the cute brunette who links him to the baby in her arms can crack his icy heart.

A baby on the doorstep is the least of Hannah Woods’s problems—she has to find the baby’s uncle, or the child will end up in foster care. She sleuths her way to the reclusive CEO’s doorstep only to find six feet of holiday sexy—and a door slammed in her face. But when Jackson comes around and urges they marry for little Emily’s sake, Hannah finds herself falling for the jaded billionaire and wishing for a holiday miracle of their own…

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  1. i enjoyed the fact it was spend with any dispute, it's a gift in itself

  2. for me it was the first time since my parents died two years ago i actually felt like celebrrating

  3. I enjoyed Christmas knowing that all of my family is safe and healthy. I cannot imagine anything more important than that.

    "The Billionaire's Christmas Baby" sounds like a sweet novel and I'm looking forward to reading it. Thank you for sharing the nice excerpt.

    Connie Fischer

  4. For me Christmas was wonderful. With 6 excited children we're a little exhausted but am glad we actually have our children with us to watch grow and to hug tight.

  5. Thanks for a fun post :) I had an awesome Christmas!

  6. My teenagers hugged me and thanked me for their gifts. A true Christmas miracle.

  7. Wonderful post! I truly enjoyed my christmas and money cannot buy a babies first christmas which I was a part of for my niece :)

  8. Thanks for the great post and excerpt. My Christmas was a gift that money can't buy, the three kidlets and the family all together.

  9. Our greatest gift came the next day. My niece had her 2nd child a girl.

  10. Our christmas was uneventfull. The greatest gift was just beinng together.

  11. My mom came here for Christmas and she got to spend time with my kids. I LOVE watching my youngest one interact with her. It's great.


  12. This was my nephew's first Christmas and it was great seeing his reaction at ripping open all that wrapping paper:)

  13. I spent it with my family and had alot of fun! It was really fun watching my dog open his present! Thanks for the chance to win!

  14. I had a wonderful day with my family, everyone in good spirits and just a wonderful sense of belonging!

  15. It was a nice and fun holiday.

  16. A lot of love & laughter. Always appreciated!!

  17. My family has always been with me at Christmas. It has always been wonderful.

  18. It was spent surrounded by my family with tons of love. :)

    Of course I received money for books and that's always a treat!