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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Guest Review: Rush by Maya Banks

I have to admit that Maya Banks has basically been an auto-buy for me since the first book of hers that I read. Over the last few years I have devoured pretty much anything with her name on it. That being said, I was a little skeptical about starting Rush. At first glance this book sounds like so many others that have been popular recently. Sexy mysterious billionaire with a troubled past secretly in love with his best friend's little sister decides that it is time to pursue a relationship with her. He has extreme tastes and insists on contracts with all his lovers in order to protect himself. However I quickly found that although the basics might sound like other stories, Gabe and Mia were different. They drew me in and kept me so interested that I didn't want to put the book down. I loved that they had known each other for years and the attraction had so long to intensify. They both wanted each other despite the many obstacles that were in the way and the waiting definitely paid off.

Gabe is a sexy and intense alpha who has always needed to be in control. He is wounded from a marriage that ended so badly, that he begins every relationship after with a contract to ensure that he is never hurt again. Gabe becomes very protective of Mia and will do anything to have her and take care of her. Including risk his business and friendship with Jace, his best friend who also happens to be Mia's older brother.

I really liked Mia. I found that she was fun and was not afraid to stand up to her brother Jace and Gabe when needed. I felt like she was a wonderful fit for Gabe and she really helped him to get over his past. I loved that she put her love for Gabe first and was able to overcome some pretty rough stuff.

There were a few moments in this book that I felt could have gone differently, but overall it was a pretty great start to the trilogy. The author has done a great job of setting up the series for the next two books about Jace and their other best friend Ash. I can't wait to read these books and see where she takes these guys!

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  1. I am a big fan of all Maya's books.. I can't wait to read all the book in this new series..

  2. I liked Rush but I thought Fever was better. I love Maya's books.