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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Review: Fever by Maya Banks

Fever is the second book in the Breathless Trilogy by Maya Banks, and I have to tell you I was so excited to read this one! I really liked Rush (#1 in the trilogy) and was really looking forward to reading Jace's story. However, I really had a hard time getting into this one.

Jace is used to sharing his women with his best friend Ash. They like them quick, unattached, and submissive. Both men are used to total control. But when Jace spots Bethany from across a room, he knows that he doesn't want Ash anywhere near this one. Thinking that the only way he can have her is to share her, Jace and Ash spend the night with her. Only to wake up the next morning and discover that she is gone. Jace goes on a mission to find her and learns that she is homeless and has nothing. He makes it his mission to take care of her and make her his. Having had such a tough life and trust issues, Jace decides that it would be best to ease Bethany into the kind of life that he wants for them. Although he wants to ease her into the control that he expects to have, every other part of their story moves pretty rapidly. One minute she is on the street and the next minute he is moving her into his sister's old apartment. The fact that she just blindly goes along with this after spending one night in bed with him and his friend was really where this book lost me I think.

I really loved the way that Jace related to his sister Mia and was expecting to really enjoy watching him fall in love. Although I honestly don't think that you ever really got to see him fall in love in this book. It just seemed as though the author skipped the falling part and went straight to the already in love part. I also felt like there were several inconsistencies with his character, the biggest of which was the part about control. It was that old cliché of he talked the talk but didn't walk the walk. He claimed to be super controlling (in every aspect of her life) and yet he was always letting her take the lead even after she said that she wanted him to have control.

As for Bethany, having come from such a hard life I was expecting that she would be a stronger more mature and independent woman. But she seemed to be somewhat childish and afraid to really be her own person. She did have some moments where it seemed as though she was going to change, but then she would just revert right back.

Overall, I was disappointed with this book. I didn't feel as though I could connect with the characters, and I really wasn't feeling their connection to each other either. The plot was completely inconsistent and it just seemed to be a jumbled together rough draft. The highlights of this book were without a doubt the sex scenes. They were extremely hot and well done. It was also nice to see glimpses of Gabe and Mia from Rush. Next up is Burn (Ash's story) and i'm really hoping that it will be more like Rush than Fever.

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