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Friday, May 17, 2013

Review: Incendiary by Amy A. Bartol

I picked up this series on a referral from another author and am so thankful I did!

Incendiary is the fourth installment in Amy A. Bartol’s Premonition Series and I truly believe that Evie’s story gets better and better with each one. I will admit that I read all four books, in order, in four days. The beginning of the first book hooked me and I couldn’t stop reading until I ran out of words.

This installment begins where the previous book left off. The gang is back together again but a HEA still remains far out of reach. Brennus is Hell bent on getting Evie back and has decided that doing so by any means necessary is the new game plan. While being under constant assault of stress and pressure to keep those she loves safe, we get to watch Evie’s character grow by leaps and bounds. Both emotionally, as well as her angel abilities. The men in her life, both of romantic and platonic relations, continue to try to order her about to keep her from harm. At this point she’s had enough. Tired of sitting back while her ‘family’ continues to fight her battles. Evie steps up in this book and shows the world what she’s capable of, that she’s truly a force to be reckoned with.

It’s really hard to share thoughts on specific events without spoiling it for those who haven’t read the previous three books. So here I will just say that the love Evie and Reed share for each other is still an extremely strong thread through this book. The love she has for her self claimed ‘family’ (Zephyr, Buns, Brownie, and Russell) remains solid, though there is quite a surprise waiting for Russ early on. Evie still struggles with her feelings for Brennus and the Fellas but she knows her heart is taken...and that she belongs with those she calls family. Though, like Russ, she too has some pretty shocking surprises thrown at her.

To wrap up, I loved this book! The book is extremely well written (some of the best I’ve seen from self-published authors) and the story so far has been a true delight. It’s a complete package of love, laughter, heartache, and the struggle to challenge fate and live your life as you see fit. No other author has been able to make me truly feel for the baddies, but Brennus and the Fellas have wiggled their way into my heart. Russell and Evie’s connection can be heart-wrenching at times, but the honest love they have for each other shines beautifully. Buns and Brownie continue to leave me in stitches. Those crazy Reapers are lethal when it comes to a verbal lashing and throw sarcasm like pro’s. Zephyr’s dominant warrior attitude at one point landing him in the dog house, and lack of understanding in terms of modern day relationships had me cracking up and praying for Buns to take it easy on the poor boy. And last but not least. Reed and Evie are still one of my favorite book couples. His undying love for her blazes like a beacon in the darkest night. And the way she calls to his heart? The steady beating of a fierce heart combined with a fragile, lilting melody, drifting through the foggy mist of her numerous trials and tribulations.

I definitely recommend you add this book to your TBR list, but highly suggest you read the previous three books first, starting with Inescapable.

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