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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Review: Her Wicked Wolf by Kendra Leigh Castle

This novella takes place in the period of 2 days and though a really quick read it left me with a giant grin on my face when I set it down. I really enjoy Castle’s writing and though much shorter than the titles I generally pick up it was a sweet treat to read while finishing my morning coffee.

With looming deadlines and the threat of an upcoming rager of a storm Brienne is battling her truly wandering mind. Now mind you she’s not daydreaming of the characters whose story she’s trying to impart, or worrying over whether or not she’s got a healthy supply of food and batteries for the sure shot of her power being knocked out from the storm, but rather her subconscious remains steadfast in it’s obsession over her downstairs neighbor Alistaire Locke. Though he lives below her apartment he’s immensely antisocial and little more than a stranger to her. Thus her utter confusion over the call she feels whenever her mutinous mind gets free of it’s leash.

Choices he can’t undo have led Alistaire to what he feels is the right place and time to face the shadow of his past and put an end to what’s been five years of running. Though lonely spending years in self-induced solitary he knows that to do anything else would put innocent lives in danger, as well as giving his adversary another weapon to use against him. Things had been going well enough until coming face to face with his neighbor. The young woman his wolf has been tracking with a more than average interest. Realizing too late that what he’s discovered instantly throws a wrench into his well made plans. Now he has little time to set a new plan in motion that will assure him victory over his enemy, while keeping this new treasure in his life from coming to any harm.

As I said before this was a really quick read, but I loved every page. Brienne and Alistaire’s romance was flame inducing, and you can tell these two characters were meant for each other. Honestly I was a more than a little disappointed that it ended. I really wanted more time to spend with these two. So, if you are looking for something quick to pass the time and have a weakness for alpha males check out this book.

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  1. Oh so gonna have to check it out. She's an author I keep meaning to try and it sounds fantastic! I love those short sweet reads now and again :)

    herding cats & burning soup

  2. Sounds Great. Thanks for the review.