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Monday, September 16, 2013

Guest Post with Author Vicki Wilkerson and Giveaway

Meet Vicki Wilkerson, author of Bikers and Pearls.

Vicki is a native of the Charleston, South Carolina, Lowcountry and loves to share her enchantment with the area with readers through her writing. Even in childhood, she enjoyed penning stories and poems—no doubt fueled by her grandfather's enthusiasm for telling tales himself. Where else—but in the South—could one find the interesting blend of salt water, eerie swamps, unwritten traditions and unique characters? In her spare time, she loves traveling, spending weekends at her family's lake house, playing golf and cooking (with lots of wine). Visit Vicki at

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Kisses and Giggles

Okay, at first, it might seem that kissing and giggling do not go together. But wait! Have you ever been in an intimate moment (not necessarily sexual) where you and your guy are giggling about something silly? Well, it’s not only intimate, but very sexy—an inside joke between just the two of you. Talk about getting close!

Well, that’s kind of what humor does for the reader in a romance novel. The reader is already getting a bird’s-eye view into the personal lives of the characters, but now she is privy to their most silly, intimate moments. The giggling is shared in a kind of ménage-a-trois among the characters and the reader. It makes the reader feel closer to the story.

The technical term is called comic relief. No matter how serious, dark or sexy the scene, comic relief gives the reader a break from the gravity that might bring her reading experience down too much. Even Shakespeare knew this. He used it abundantly in his plays. Of course, we remember it from the comedies like A Midsummer Night’s Dream with Puck, but it is there, too, in heavy, dramatic plays like Macbeth, like when the porter answers the castle door, and he talks about being drunk and how it is an “equivocator with lechery.” He says, “…it provokes the desire but takes away the performance.” That whole porter scene makes me laugh—and it was just after Macbeth had killed his king!

When readers see characters doing humorous things or getting caught in ridiculous situations, they are viewed as more human, therefore, more identifiable…and likeable. And if we can get our characters to laugh at themselves, then even better. Laughing is contagious. Well, throw in a few kisses or caresses with the giggling and you’ve got yourself something special.

In Bikers and Pearls, I’ve sprinkled laughter generously throughout. From the beginning with the gapped-tooth waitress and the fake cow, April got herself into predicaments because she needed to learn something. Then there was Mandy, the “mouth-of-the-South” office gossip, who was a constant thorn in April’s side. And we all know how funny office gossip can be when facts get angled and misconstrued. Mandy thought when April filled her car with “safety pamphlets” to distribute that she was stealing office paper. And when another co-worker got braces and couldn’t speak clearly, she thought that he was drunk.

April had her share of giggling, intimate moments with Bullworth (Bull) also. She whispered with him at the local bait and tackle shop (that also served as a bar) and was a little afraid the night crawlers (worms) would get into her chili. Hand in hand, they intimately laughed together at motorcycles that had fishing pole accessories and raccoon tails attached to them in a bike show. Finally, they giggled together as they watched someone close to them “get a facelift” from strapping a motorcycle helmet too tightly on her face.

So, yes, kissing and giggling do go together. That is also evidenced by the number of romantic comedies Hollywood puts out. It is one of their most popular and successful genres. I’ve seen it done in lots of romance novels—even in historical. And for many readers the more giggles, the better! I hope you enjoy reading Bikers and Pearls and find those “pearls” of laughter as fun as the fun I had writing them. Here’s to hoping that your own life is filled with kisses and giggles!

Who said tempting a sweet Southern belle would be easy?

When rebel biker Bullworth Clayton gets tangled up with pastel-and-pearls-clad April Church, sparks fly. Sure, April would clearly rather work with anyone else, but if teaming up with Bull means a successful charity event for a sick little boy they both care about, then so be it.

April is baffled at how drawn she is to the leather-wearing, tattooed Bull—he just doesn’t fit with her simple, safe, country-club life. And as much as the handsomely rugged man tempts her, she still can’t shake the images of the tragic motorcycle accident from her past, which left her scarred and her father broken.

Bull tempts her to don a pair of leather pants and go for a ride with him, while April desperately tries to resist her attraction to the wild side and keep her exploits hidden from her small town. Will they be able to navigate their differences and find a middle road to love?

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  1. Gook luck with the giveaway!

    Vicki Wilkerson

  2. Hi Vicki! Love the Lowcountry--my brother has lived in that area for about 25 years, and I love visiting the area (James Island/ John's Island)...

    Love the book blurb--it sounds like a fun read!


  3. Sounds like a book that should be added to my TBR list! I've always have a thing for hot men riding a motorcycle lol. Thank you for the giveaway!

  4. LOVE motorcycles and hot guys! ;) I had seen this before but forgot to add it to my TBR list so Im glad I stumbled on to your post!