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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

ARC Review: Always on My Mind by Jill Shalvis

Another great installment in the Lucky Harbor series. Honestly I'm amazed that with as many books in this series that it still feels fresh and new to me. I loved this book and Jack and Leah were a great couple. Jack is super sexy and I just couldn't wait to dive into this story and find out what was up with him and Leah.

Not only is Jack sexy but he's also very caring. I loved the way he takes care of his mom and even when he and Leah are on the outs he is still there for her no matter what. There is a tender side to him that I really dug.

As for Leah I have a love/dislike thing going for her. On one hand I liked her and I liked that she is so caring to those she cares about but then on the other I couldn't stand her flakiness. She has a tendency to run when things get hard without explanation and I'm not the biggest fan of that. I just wanted her to be open and honest about things especially her feelings for Jack.

My only complaint (and it's a minor one) is that I wish the author would have delved a little deeper into Jack and Leah's past feelings for one another. I'm still a little unsure just how much they both cared about each other than. Was it love for both or just a strong like?

I will say that the chemistry between Jack and Leah is off the charts and oh my goodness are these two hot together. Their scenes together just sizzle and pop off the page. I really enjoyed watching them both come to terms and accept the truth that they both were in love with one another. Both are so afraid to let their feelings show and let the other one in (at least in the romantic capacity) that it was great to see them finally let their walls down.

This is another winner for me and fans of the Lucky Harbor series will highly enjoy this one. If anything it's worth the read just for sexy fireman Jack!

**ARC provided by NetGalley**

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  1. This is an auto-buy for me. I just finished It Had to be You (I know, way behind!) and Jack was likable in that one, so I am looking forward to this one!

  2. If it has Jill Shalvis as the author of the book it goes on my tbr shelf.. She really knows how to keep her readers interested in her sexy heroes and her sassy heroines... Never a dull moment reading a Jill Shalvis book..