Tuesday, March 4, 2014

ARC Review: Reaper’s Vow by Sarah McCarty

Cole Cameron is searching for his abducted cousin Addy. As a child, she was kidnapped by Indians and Cole saved her. Now, Isaiah, a legendary Reaper, has her. On the trail he is attacked by a pack of wolves. Isaiah steps forward to save him and brings him to his camp and Addy. She’s been made a Reaper and is in love with Isaiah. Cole won’t accept this and wants her to go back home with him. She encourages him to stay and see she is happy. Miranda is assigned to him. He’s given her home and decides to stay for a while. Miranda has a daughter, Wendy. She’s an outspoken child and delights Cole. Clark, another Reaper, has put in a claim for Miranda, even though he already has a wife and child. Cole steps in and takes Miranda back to her home. He decides to marry her and take her back with him. She won’t leave her Reaper family, but must because Wendy is part human and she loves Cole. Clark puts Wendy in danger and Cole saves her, but almost loses his life. Miranda decides to strike a blow for women’s rights against the Reaper council and Clark. Literally. Family and duty are important to Miranda and Cole, but will love trump them both?

The best character is Wendy, Miranda’s daughter. She assesses every move and shares her opinion with everyone. Miranda has to leave to keep Wendy safe, but Wendy is ready to battle anyone. Other children make fun of her and she fights back. She misses her father and would like a new one. She decides Cole suits her and pushes her mother to see him. Wendy helps Miranda and Cole bridge their differences. She’s a true spitfire.

Cole has a cowboy vibe. He lives by his own code and doesn’t take no for an answer. He wants Miranda and won’t leave until she agrees to join him. She’s torn between the Reapers and her love for Cole. He does everything to persuade her, especially taking care of Wendy. Miranda proves her Reaper mettle and takes care of Clark once and for all. She gains the respect of the men and adoration of the women.

I enjoyed this story. It takes place in post-Civil War America. Cole is perfect as a loner who takes care of himself and his own. Wendy is an independent minded woman in the making and drags Miranda into the same mode.

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