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Friday, October 3, 2014

Review: Scorned by S.L. Scott

At this point, I would read absolutely anything by S.L. Scott. Every book of hers that I have read has been one that I loved from start to finish, and she delivers every single time. I have to say that I was really excited for this new serial though. It drew me in with it's intriguing blurb and the sexy covers. But what kept me devouring the pages was this amazing story. After reading part 1, I know that the road ahead isn't an easy one but I can't wait to see how it plays out!

For the past three years, Juliette "Jules" Weston has been trying to move forward and put her life back together after being dumped by the love of her life. She thought that they had everything and that their lives together were filled with love and hope for a future with each other. But then Dylan broke her heart by walking out on their lives together with everything they owned and a lot of harsh words. She relies on her best friend Brandon and her dedication to her job to get her through. But when she suddenly runs into Dylan again after all these years, everything comes rushing back to her. As Jules struggles to stay strong when faced with Dylan back in her life, Dylan sets out to show Jules that there was more to his leaving than it first seemed like. Dylan is determined to break down all the walls that Jules has tried to put in place, but Jules isn't going to make it easy on him. There is also the sweet and wealthy buyer of art that has been trying to get Jules to go out with him for awhile. Can Jules move forward and have another shot at love? And will it be the man she loved in her past Dylan or the new possibility of Austin that gets her to risk her heart again?

Yes this serial contains a love triangle, and with that comes the choosing of sides. As a reader we are able to see so much more than the characters and are able to choose based on having more information and not making the choice with feelings involved. That being said, it is always hard for me to pick just one guy when it comes to a triangle. While I am always very clearly on one side or another, it wouldn't be a believable triangle if both guys weren't worthy! After reading Scorned, I have definitely picked the guy that I believe is best for Juliette. While he is who I am rooting for, I honestly believe that either one of these guys would make Jules happy and would be good for her in different ways. Dylan has her past, and there is a strong history there. They know each other inside and out, and had a connection based on love and chemistry. These two were great together until things went wrong, but at such a young age they were bound to make some mistakes and screw things up. It was easy to see that their feelings for one another never went away, but that they allowed outside influences to affect their relationship. Austin is wealthy and cultured, and shares Juliette's love of art. He has been patient and kind with her, and he is just one of those genuinely good guys. Things are off to a great start with them, and he has all the hope of the future with her. They hit it off right away and have a real shot at being happy together. Jules is still vulnerable and has a lot to get through still before she gets her HEA, but I am looking forward to seeing her journey ahead.

Overall, I thought that this was a great first installment to this serial. Scorned is part one of the four part From The Inside Out serial, and I can't wait to read the next part, Jealousy. This part really drew me in and I absolutely couldn't put it down. I love S.L. Scott's writing style, and she has me anxious to get more of all these characters. This serial is sexy and intriguing, and is shaping up to be my favorite work or hers yet. (Sorry Evan, I still love you!) I can't wait to get more of Dylan, Austin and Jules and I know that regardless of who I hope ends up with Jules, that I will be rooting for all of these characters to find what they are looking for. I definitely recommend anything by S.L. Scott if you haven't read anything by her before, but I am loving where this serial is headed and I think that this one is an absolute must read.

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