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Thursday, January 15, 2015

ARC Review: On Solid Ground by Melissa Collins

I was really excited to read On Solid Ground by Melissa Collins after having read a few of her previous books. She always writes such emotional and heartfelt stories and I couldn't wait to get to know these characters better after reading the blurb. This book was everything that I was hoping for, and I really enjoyed reading about Beckett and Dax.

Having just returned from war, Jacob "Dax" Daxton is struggling with what comes next. He doesn't know what he wants to do or where he belongs, so when his best friend Chloe offers for him to move in with her he takes her up on it. Shortly after moving, Dax goes to get a tattoo and meets the sexy bearded tattoo artist Beckett Ridge, and they both feel an instant pull to one another. Both Dax and Beck are both dealing with new circumstances to their lives and know that a relationship is a bad idea with everything going on, yet they find themselves unable to stay away from one another. As they both deal with their pasts as well as their present obstacles, can they find a way to let each other in and have a chance at a future together?

I loved Dax and Beck. Beck was sexy and loyal, and I loved how absolutely caring and sweet he was. He took care of his family first and always made sure that he did what he could to provide for them and give them everything possible. He was so loving with his sister and niece, and he immediately took to Dax the same way. He was supportive and encouraging, and the only one who could calm Dax when he was having an attack. Dax was struggling with so much, and yet he was so open to possibility and the chance at a future that he never predicted. I loved seeing him let not only Beck in, but also Beck's niece Violet. Dax and Violet had such a great connection, and they were beyond adorable. I also really loved his love and connection with his service dog Tonka. He wasn't afraid to take help when needed, and I was so glad that he could lean on those around him. Dax and Beck had great chemistry, and I could see the attraction between them. But what was so great about these two to me was the fact that they were healing each other and building more than just a relationship. They were building a family and a support system that is so rare. These two brought so many people together and were proof that family goes beyond blood.

Overall, I really loved these two and their story is one that will stick with me. I did get a little frustrated that Beck tried to push Dax away several times, but luckily Dax wasn't having it! He never let Beck walk away, and was always there to show him what they had together. I will say that I have come to know and expect that a Melissa Collins book will run me through an emotional wringer. On Solid Ground was no exception, and this one had me experiencing all the feels. But that is exactly why I love Melissa's books so much, and why they always stick with me. I was instantly invested in Dax and Beck's story, and I loved every minute of their journey even if it was making me laugh or making me cry. If you are a fan of Melissa Collins or Male/Male books, then I definitely recommend reading On Solid Ground. If you are new to the author or genre, I think this is a great book to give a shot. I look forward to seeing what else Melissa Collins comes up with in the future.

**ARC Provided by Author**

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