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Thursday, January 15, 2015

ARC Review: Blindsided by Emma Hart

Blindsided is the first book in Emma Hart's new By His Game series, with each book being a standalone story. I have really loved everything that I have read by her, so I couldn't wait to read about her newest couple. Especially since I am a huge sports romance fan, and the hero is a football player. That being said, this book was not my favorite of hers. While I liked it and it was a good read, I did have some problems with this book.

Leah Veronica is the daughter of Hollywood's It girl, and does her best to avoid being in the spotlight. Corey Jackson is the It guy of football as the quarterback for the L.A. Vipers. When they meet, sparks immediately fly between them. While Corey wants nothing more than to get Leah in his bed, she is not going to be just another one night stand for him. But the harder Corey tries, the more Leah seems to be resistant to the idea. Soon Corey will do anything to make her his, and he begins to realize that Leah is more than just the next girl he wants in his bed. But can he convince her to give them a real shot when all she knows is the reputation he has in the media? And what happens when Leah's identity as the new It girl in the fashion world is leaked after she worked so hard to keep it a secret?

I had a few issues with both Corey and Leah. Corey was a bit of a jerk for a good chunk of this book, and he was beyond cocky. He was completely arrogant and not in a so confident its hot kind of way. The kind that makes you want to tell him where he can shove it. He was also really possessive. He just met her and barely knows her, and yet he is all about claiming her as his. It might have been better had he worked up to that, but it was instant. Which was also confusing considering the fact that he kept saying he just wanted to have sex with her to get it out of his system. So which is it, is she his or does he just want to hit it and quit it? Leah also had some things about her that annoyed me. She constantly pushed him away and wanted him to work for it, but then she would easily give in when he got physical with her. She also repeatedly told him to leave her alone or go away and then was upset and even mad at him for listening to her. I wanted her to make up her mind and stick to it. I just never really felt the connection develop between these two with all the push and pull, though I did feel like they were good for one another. But I would have liked to see something actually happen to make them closer rather than just the constant back and forth.

Another problem I had with this book was Leah's secret. I felt like it was pretty anticlimactic. Corey said she was pretty much hiding in plain sight, and he was absolutely right. It just felt like she used it as a crutch to push him away and I didn't think it was nearly as big of a deal as she made it out to be. But the worst thing about it was how she handled things when the truth was revealed. She treated Corey so horribly that I lost so much respect for her. She wouldn't give him a chance to explain after she immediately assumed the worst about him. It really bothered me considering the fact that both Corey and her friend Cole had just been victims of hacking and had their secrets/private details exposed by complete strangers. Why didn't she ever consider that the same might have happened to her and at least allowed Corey a chance to talk to her. Then Corey gets his sister to try and prove to Leah that he wasn't involved and he doesn't even really get mad that she accused him of leaking it or the fact that she didn't allow him to explain. It honestly didn't work for me at all, and it really felt forced. As though the author was trying to inject more drama and conflict into the story. While it sounds like I didn't like this book, I actually did. Despite those issues, I did think that this book had its enjoyable moments. I really loved the secondary characters and enjoyed seeing them interact with both Corey and Leah. I am excited to see more of them as the series progresses. I just wish that we had been given more of Corey and Leah's relationship actually happening rather than them just fighting things and the constant push and pull. For me while Emma Hart's writing was good, the story just fell flat compared to previous books I have read of her. If you are looking for hot football hero and a feisty heroine, you might give this one a shot.

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  1. I can see why this might not be a total sell, but still good.