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Saturday, January 17, 2015

ARC Review: Something Amazing by M. Clarke

Something Amazing by M. Clarke is a spin-off of her Something Great series, but it can be read as a standalone with interconnected characters. I have really enjoyed this series, so I was excited to see another book coming out. While it was nice to see familiar faces, I really loved Jax and Rachel's story and it might even be my favorite of them all. This one was really great, and I loved how sweet it was. 

When Rachel Miller decides to end her long distance relationship, she decides to take a trip to Kauai with her roommate and best friend Stacey. Not only is she going through the breakup, but she is also trying to decide if she should accept the job offer she got to work for Knight Fashion Magazine. Though the job would bring her closer to her sister in L.A., it would also take her away from her best friend and the life she is used to in NY. When she meets the sexy Jax while on vacation, things get even more confusing as she finds herself enjoying the time they spend together. The attraction between them is instant, and the more time they spend together the more she starts to develop real feelings for him. But Jax is holding things back from her, and with her vacation almost over she knows that another long distance relationship is the last thing she needs. But both Jax and Rachel find it hard to let go of one another and both hope to find a way to make it work. When the truth finally comes out about all that Jax hadn't told Rachel though, can their love find a way to survive all the obstacles they still have ahead of them?

I liked Jax a lot. He was sweet and sexy, and confident. He knew what he wanted and wasn't afraid to go after it. But what really got me with Jax was how much depth he had to him. He really opened up to Rachel about things that meant a lot to him, and I liked seeing him share those parts of himself with her. I wish that he had been more upfront about the bigger things in his life, but I also understood that he wanted to see how things would go for them first. It was hard for me to understand why he continued to keep it from her though as the story progressed and they grew closer to one another. I loved his connection with Rachel though, and it was clear that these two belonged together. Rachel was great most of the time, and I liked seeing her take some chances and push her limits a bit. I did think that she had a tendency to run scared a bit too many times though, and I was glad that Jax called her on it. He never let her hide, and I liked that. I thought that these two really did have a great connection, and the chemistry between them was clear.

Overall, this was a really great story and I loved Rachel and Jax together. I will say that besides Rachel's running scared annoying me, I also felt like there were a few other times that I didn't like how things were handled. I wish that Jax would have been a bit more understanding after the truth was revealed. I felt like Rachel had a lot to think about and they were some very big things, but when she didn't instantly change her life he gave up on them. I didn't care for that when it was his fault that she hadn't been aware of it all until it came out, and she didn't even get to hear it from him. I also found it a bit weird that the author shamelessly plugged another book of hers in this book. Not that its necessarily a bad thing, but it just really stood out to me and I didn't really like it. That being said though, I really did enjoy Rachel and Jax's story and it was definitely one of my favorites of this series. If you haven't read the Something Great Series by M. Clarke, I would definitely recommend you start at the beginning since the characters are interconnected and all the books are good but it isn't necessary to enjoy Something Amazing.

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