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Monday, March 2, 2015

ARC Review: Love Brewing by Liz Crowe

Love Brewing is the third book in the Love Brothers series from Liz Crowe. I knew I wanted to read this book after I read the blurb. There is just something about the black sheep of the family, and I am a sucker for second chance romance stories. (Though to be fair, this was more than just a second chance!) But I have to say that this book was nothing like the blurb at all, and I had a lot of issues with this story. I did feel as though I wanted to see this one through though, and I did finish so that I could find out what happened. But if I'm honest, this was not the book I had been expecting or hoping for at all. 

Dominic Love and Diana Brantley have been a part of each others lives for years. They grew up together, and everyone always thought that it was a matter of time before they got together. But Dom hurt and betrayed Diana more than once, and she has finally started to move on with her life. With the help of her sister, Diana has begun to turn their family farm into a successful business taking the vegetables they grow and the meat they hunt, and turning it into five star quality restaurant food. When Dom suddenly reappears asking for a place to stay, Diana reluctantly agrees to let him stay for a short time to get himself together. But the longer he stays, the more they start to fall back into familiar patterns. Will Dom and Diana be able to figure things out between them once and for all, or will Diana be left heartbroken yet again? 

I will admit that I did not like the characters in this story, and I found it impossible to connect with them. I really don't want to spoil this story for those interested in reading, so if you don't want any details you might want to stop reading now. I think it would be unfair to criticize without giving a few examples of what didn't work for me. The biggest problem I had with these characters was all the cheating. Dom cheated on Diana more than once. Diana cheated on Lee with Dom. It was not okay to me, and I thought that these two were toxic together. I could tell that they genuinely had feelings for one another, but neither one of them could ever get their act together. Diana would feel betrayed by Dom, and yet the next second she is falling back into his arms. Dom betrayed Diana more than once, and as far as I could really tell his only excuse was because he was a guy. There were some mental issues going on with Dom, and other characters frequently mentioned his needing to take his pills. But to me, it was never an excuse for his actions and didn't explain why he continued to do the things he did knowing how he was hurting Diana. Because Diana kept going back for more, I had no respect for her. I thought she was just as bad as Dom if not worse, since she didn't have any kind of issues going on. I didn't understand the reasons behind either of their actions, and I just wanted them to figure things out once and for all. 

I also had an issue with the fact that there was so much drama in this book, and it got to the point where it was just over the top. I didn't think that it was believable just how much seemed to constantly happen to these two. There was just too much, and it made it pretty unrealistic. Between all the ex-lovers, family issues and current lovers it was hard to keep everything straight. I think part of the problem was the fact that the story jumped around in time so much. The changes were drastic and would jump back in time to present, then suddenly we are years down the road. It was just too much to try and keep everything straight or really even care at that point. While I wish that I could have liked these characters, I found myself not liking them a bit. I couldn't find any redeeming qualities in any of them, and the secondary characters were just as bad as the main characters. I never felt invested in their story and honestly by the time I got to the end I just wanted it to be over. I will say that Liz Crowe had things so up in the air for the entire story though that I had to keep reading just to see how things would end. I needed to see what would play out for all these characters, and I can absolutely say that I never would have been able to figure it out had I not kept reading. I never knew what would happen next or what turn the story would take. So while this book didn't work for me personally, I think that it will for other readers. If you like a lot of drama and angst and don't mind the constant will they or won't they, I think you might want to give this one a shot.

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