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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

ARC Review: The Millionaires Unexpected Proposal by Jane Peden

Deja vu again....

I feel like I've read this book before. Because I have, several times. Camilla gets pregnant after a one night stand with Sam. Sam misses out on four years of the kid's life but is forced to marry Camilla to protect said child. And they fall in love. And just when things are going great, there is a misunderstanding. And then it's over. And they live HEA. Sound familiar?

Here's the thing, I don't deride books for following a formula. It's the formula that we look for and want from these books. What separates books that follow a formula from the ones that are formulaic is how the author re-works the details of the story to give us something fresh. The problem with this book is that nothing is re-worked. There is no real nuance to the plot. The conflicts are shallow, not well explained and too quickly resolved.

There are several things that just left me feeling like 'um WHAT??' For example, I still don't understand why Camilla didn't try harder to tell Sam about his child or why Sam accepted her lack of explanation. Also, the conflict that brings Sam and Camilla together is so easily and quickly resolved that it was just...stupid. And another thing, why the hell didn't anybody besides Sam, Olivia and Camilla note the resemblance between Sam and JD? Is this like Family Guy episodes where only Brian can understand Stewie when he talks? I'm reaching but I'm trying to find SOME explanation here.

Random questions that I couldn't logically fit anywhere in this review: Why didn't Camilla have a job? Did she ever work? How old was she? What did she do after she graduated from High School? Did she graduate?

Camilla gave in to Sam way too easily. In related news, Sam kept having the same ridiculous internal monologue over whether he could trust Camilla. Maybe it wasn't ridiculous the first time but by the 8th time, I read it, I was giving myself a headache from how deeply I was rolling my eyes.

The sex scenes were vague and boring and also formulaic. The supporting characters were pretty good and the book had a good pace. But the author missed every opportunity to add something to a formula which I actually like. If this is your first book written with this story line, perhaps you won't find it as uninspiring as I did but it's not on my recommended reading list.

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