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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

ARC Review: Dirty Lies by Emma Hart

Dirty Lies is the third book in the Burke Brothers series from Emma Hart. Each book is a standalone story though, so don't worry about jumping in here if you haven't read the previous two. This is Aidan's book, and I have to admit that I have been curious about him for awhile. I will say that this wasn't my favorite of the series. While it did have a lot of enjoyable moments, there were some things that just didn't work for me.

Since catching her now ex-boyfriend with someone else, Jessie Law is in no hurry to find someone else. So when she runs into Aidan Burke while he is home from touring with Dirty B, she views it as the perfect chance for a rebound. They agree to one night together with no expectations. But when Aidan then saves Jessie from her ex-boyfriend the following morning, Aidan makes the mistake of saying that he is her new boyfriend. Looking to clean up their act, the band manager asks Aidan to let the public believe that Jessie really is his girlfriend and she reluctantly agrees. The more time that they spend together though, the more the lines between fake and real begin to blur. 

Part of my problem here was Aidan. While there were times that I really liked him, for the most part he was an absolute jerk. I didn't believe that his feelings were developing for Jessie beyond the fact that he was attracted to her. He would say how sexy she was and there were times that he would appear to be feeling jealous and wanting more, but ultimately it all just seemed to be physical. Jessie was feisty and had a definite attitude here as well. I found it pretty hard to connect with either of them. Jessie had issues with Aidan from when they were young, and i'm not saying that he made it easier here in the present, but she definitely was biased about him and gave him no room to show he was a different person. These two did have a ton of chemistry, but I just wasn't feeling their connection grow like I would have liked. 

I also really disliked Jessie's sister Saskia. She was supposed to be sixteen, and yet she acted about ten. She was the biggest bratty fan-girl and I hated what a tattle-tale she was! She would try to blackmail Jessie into getting what she wanted, and if Jessie didn't give her everything she wanted she would run and tell her parents. It was so annoying and honestly I was beyond fed up with the crap very early on here. Every time she would show up I would just cringe. I think that this story had a lot of potential for being great. There is nothing hotter than an enemies to lovers story with some good passionate hate sex happening. But unfortunately this one didn't deliver like I had hoped for. I really enjoy Emma Hart's books for the most part, but this one was good when I thought it could have been so much more. Fans of the series will enjoy seeing familiar faces, and I loved seeing Aidan with Mila. Those were some of the highlights of this book, and I loved how great he was with her. I am interested in reading the next book, and I know that I will read more from Emma Hart in the future.

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