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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

ARC Review: Beauty and the Bull Rider by Victoria Vane

The third installment in the Hotel Rodeo Series left me wanting more. This book was full of wonder from start to finish. While I absolutely loved Ty and Monica from the first two with their explosive chemistry, Delaney and Zac are so sweet they made me ache! Zac, whom we know as Ty’s oldest friend (despite a fallout, until recently in the previous book), is at the end of his Bull Riding days. He is back in Oklahoma as the head of the Circle B Ranch, and he is ready to fight for Delaney.

She is stubborn, beautiful, and innocent with an independence that I found truly loveable. She is also obsessed with having a baby, but what she doesn’t realize is that she is also in need of the right man to help her achieve it. Prior to this, Zac became aware of Delaney’s dilemma, and her attempt at gaining Ty as a sperm donor. Fear of losing her heart to another man, and being left by one, caused her to close herself off from romance. Ty broke her, and Zac wants to fix her.

Victoria did an amazing job as painting Delaney as a troublemaker in the previous books, but it was obvious that there was more to her story. Due to the way she so wonderfully weaves her tales, it was easy to be intrigued with the Delaney we thought we knew, and the Delaney that could be known to us. I enjoyed her so very much! This is just one more reason I love reading Victoria’s books: Her female leads are always kick-ass, and her heroes always take my heart with them on the journey from start to finish.

Like the all or nothing man Zac is, he’s betting on making a baby with Delaney. What he doesn’t count on, however, is that Delaney only wants his little swimmers. He may have been warned, but he is bound and determined to convince her they’d be better together than she would be alone. She wants artificial insemination, he wants old fashioned. They collide, but Zac goes all the way, showing Delaney that he is in for the long haul, and that she needs more than just a baby to fill the hole in her heart.

Zac fulfills every promise to her. Though he has been waiting for a chance at her for eight years, he has no idea just how much he’ll risk. This book was funny, sweet, romantic, and beautiful. There were scenes that made me laugh, and I learned interesting facts about bulls, breeding, and the like between what happens in a fertility clinic. I love the passion with which Victoria writes. She researches quite a bit, and I’m always learning neat facts while also enjoying the chemistry between her characters as the plotline unfolds.

When these two get together, they become partners in everything. They learn how to cooperate and how to take a chance on one another. Delaney learns that leaning on someone for support doesn’t make you weak, it makes you human. Zac realizes that love encompasses everything and that one has to believe in the possibility of dreams. From beginning to end, Zac and Delaney brought me a smile. They are going to help ensure that the Hotel Rodeo is brought back to life with a vengeance, and that they have their prime stock in Delaney’s own venture. Furthermore, I bet they’ll have adorable little babies in the future.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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  1. Thank you so VERY much for the awesome review! I'm so happy you enjoyed my story! XOXOXO Victoria

  2. This one made me smile, too. It was a fun read.