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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

ARC Review: Wednesday by Kendall Ryan

I was really excited when I saw that Kendall Ryan had a new best friends to lovers standalone story coming out and I couldn't wait to read it! Wednesday is not your typical friends to lovers story and there was a lot that I liked here. This one was really short though, and I did feel like the story suffered a bit because of the length. 

Chloe has been in love with her best friend Shaw for years. But they have only ever been friends, a status that was solidified when he got married. But when Shaw's wife is killed in an accident, Shaw copes the only way he knows using Chloe. He comes to her every Wednesday and they have sex, but that is all he gives her. Chloe hopes that by helping him heal that one day he will realize that there is so much more between them. But with each Wednesday that passes, Chloe knows that she needs more and by asking him for it she knows that she risks losing him altogether. 

I really wanted to love these characters, and there were times that I did like them. These two had a ton of chemistry and a lot of history. Having been best friends since childhood, the connection between them was already there and I felt like they fit well together. But most of this book, Shaw was a jerk and Chloe came off as a doormat. While I saw their friendship and the chemistry between them, the romantic connection was one I struggled with. I felt like we just didn't get the depth or development to really find it fully believable. I wanted to see that change from friends to more, and I felt like while they were connecting physically that was pretty much all it was until the very end here. Shaw was too closed off the entire story to really see anything more happen between these two than straight up sex. I wanted to see the feelings change and grow, and I just felt like we missed that here. 

Overall, this book was really hot! If you are looking for something short and steamy, Wednesday definitely has that. But if you are looking for a bit more with your heat, this one might come up a bit short. I think that Kendall Ryan is a great writer, and I enjoy her stories a lot. But I wanted more here and I felt like there was so much promise that just wasn't fully delivered on. Shaw and Chloe were great for one another, and I wanted to see them transition into a believable couple since it was clear that they always had feelings for one another. I think that had this one been a bit longer, it could have been a four or five star read that I really loved. This won't be the last I read from Kendall Ryan though, and I recommend giving her books a shot if you haven't already.

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