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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

ARC Review: Desiring Red by Kristin Miller

Please note: This is not a book. This is also not a novella which is a short story. This is the first few chapters in what may at some point be a book. This is a thing that some authors are doing that annoys me more than I can describe. If you want to write a short story I have no problem with that. But a short story has a beginning a middle and an end. If you want to write a serial I can also understand that. But even the individual installments in serials have a beginning a middle and an end, that is true even where there is a follow up in the series. When you get books like this one, all you have are a few chapters in what should be a book but isn't. You get to the end of this book and you just feel like you didn't really read a book. And if you get this for free, that might be okay but if you were actually paying for this I can't imagine that being pleasant.

I was actually really intrigued by the beginning to the story. That's really saying something because I am totally not a paranormal romance reader. In fact, besides the Twilight series, this is my first time reading a book with shape shifters and werewolves. Despite my newness to the genre, I found this book to be extremely sexy, entertaining and intriguing.

I am a fan of insta attraction and was instantly drawn in when Reaper and Ivy seem to find a rapid and intense connection. I also really like the beginning of the story Ivy's interaction with the Alpha and the conflict that it caused between her and Reaper. Ivy strikes me as the kind of heroin I would really like yes she was outgoing outspoken and pretty funny. Reaper is certainly a flavor that I enjoy. He is probably two steps above the typical bossy alpha male who makes these books so enjoyable. Even though this was a really really short story there were a lot of nuances woven into the plot that promise to make this a good book, when it's actually finished. And to be clear, it is not presently finished.

I want to read this book and I would recommend it to others but not until it is more complete than this. I don't mind a to be continued but I really don't want to waste my time reading a couple chapters in a book and then waiting 2 months to get a few more chapters. That just isn't my idea of a good time. So YES this is on my 'you should read it list' but you may want to wait for more of it to be finished.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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