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Thursday, June 23, 2016

ARC Review: His Wicked Wish by Olivia Drake

His Wicked Wish by Olivia Drake is the 5th in the Cinderella Sisterhood series. Madelyn Swann is an actress who is ready for a change. She decides to auction her services as a mistress to the highest bidder in order to obtain enough funds to follow her dreams. The scandalous auction catches the attention of Nathan Atwood, an earl's second son. Nathan surprises Maddy with a proposal, for marriage!

This is a story riddled with vengeance and pride. There are many secrets in the past that shaped these characters and their actions. I found the book to be extremely predictable. I can't remember being surprised at any point. I loved Maddy. She was funny, spirited, and kind. She was also very independent and strong. I never liked Nathan. He was almost always a jerk and/or jealousy ridden except for maybe two scenes.

There was no specific fairy tale that I found this to be similar to, but I did see a lot of fairy tale influence. A beautiful woman disguised as an old maid to test the hearts of gentleman. Nathan plays a night in shining armor, and Maddy does some pretty remarkable things herself.

I liked the book. But I was wanting something a little more unexpected. I'm not the biggest fan of predictable story lines. The romance wasn't convincing to me from Nathan's end, but it was convincing on Maddy's end. It made my heart hurt for her quite often. I just didn't think Nathan deserved such a wonderful girl. I don't know if this series will continue but I love the fairy tale magic of it all and hope to read more!

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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