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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

ARC Review: Stealing His Thunder by Sparrow Beckett

Sparrow Beckett's books have been sort of hit or miss with me, but I was really excited to start this new series from them. I was expecting something of an erotic Fast and the Furious or Gone in 60 Seconds type of story here, and there were some things that I liked and felt similar to that. However there were also some things that didn't work for me, and unfortunately this one was just okay. 

Addison Kennedy loves the rush she gets from stealing cars. But when she gets knocked out while stealing a car, she comes to with the sexy Fox Larson standing over her. Fox never expected for the thief that he knocked out to actually be a girl, and a hot one at that. But he couldn't leave her unconscious and alone in a parking garage. Not only that, but he needed information from her and figured bringing her home was the best way to get it. Soon Addison becomes more than just a thief trying to get in with his group though and the attraction between them heats up. As Addison begins to submit in the bedroom, a big job goes bad and Addison gets her chance. But can Addison and Fox's relationship survive, or will her big chance ruin everything?

I had some trouble with the characters here. I expected them to be strong and deep, and unfortunately that wasn't the case. They felt very one dimensional, and I just wasn't invested in them. I was hoping for Addison to be stronger than she was, and she just came off as weaker than I would have liked. Her and Fox were a huge case of insta-love and this story quickly became more about the sex and instant connection than anything else. I just felt like it was super rushed and I wasn't buying into it. I love some hot sex scenes as much as the next girl, but these seemed to be extremely long and took over the story. I actually found myself skimming trying to get back to the story at times because they were repetitive and just weren't working for me. 

Overall, I was really excited about this one but it just didn't go as I had hoped for. While there were things that I liked, Stealing His Thunder wasn't what I was expecting. It was a lot lighter than I had been expecting, and I had trouble believing in the connection between Addison and Fox. Insta-love can work for me, but it didn't in this case. I just wasn't seeing it, and there seemed to be no real depth or substance to these characters or their relationship. If you are looking for something with a love of hot sex and don't mind that the story is light and surface deep, you might give this one a shot. But if you are looking for more substance with your erotic scenes, this one might not be for you. I have really enjoyed books by Sparrow Beckett though, so I know this won't be the last I read from them. This one just wasn't a favorite for me personally, but I recommend giving it a shot if it sounds like something you would enjoy.

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