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Friday, July 1, 2016

ARC Review: Seared on My Soul by Cole Gibsen

I couldn't wait to read more from Cole Gibsen after reading and loving Written on My Heart. I think my expectations might have been a bit too high here with Seared on My Soul, but I was disappointed with this one and it didn't live up to what I was hoping for. While there were some things I liked, ultimately this one was hard to get through and I found myself skimming more than I should have. 

Emily Garret doesn't want or think that she needs to be rescued, and she definitely don't want it to be by a guy that looks like Reece Montgomery does. While Emily has tattoos and piercings, Reece is clean cut. But after Emily finds herself in a situation where she needs help, Reece is determined to get beneath her surface. He never planned on becoming anyone's hero, but he is convinced there is more to her than meets the eye. Can Reece let Emily in and see where things go, or will there be too much in his past for them to have a future? 

I will admit that I really struggled with Emily's character. I didn't really like her, and that didn't change much until the very end of the story. At that point it was a bit too little too late for me and I didn't much care at that point. She was immature and irritating, and I hated the pity party she was constantly participating in. She used it as an excuse to drink excessively and there was really nothing for me to like with her. I felt like we never really saw much progress with her, and I think that was a big part of my problem here. I did like Reece more and I felt more sympathetic towards him because of all that he had been through. While I didn't agree with everything he did, his PTSD and being a disable war vet had a lot to do with the person he was. While I did like him more, I still felt like couldn't quite connect with him either. Both of these characters seemed to lack much depth, and I wanted to dig deeper with them than surface deep. I thought that they had chemistry, but I was just wanting more and felt like there was something missing. 

Beyond just the character issues though, I just never felt like their relationship was entirely believable considering how they were the whole way through. Both of them were messed up, so their coming together felt a bit unrealistic in the way it happened here. It came off as rushed and I just couldn't buy into it fully. Sadly, this wasn't what I had been hoping for or expecting after WOMH, and this isn't one that I would recommend. I do plan on reading more from Cole Gibsen in the future since I loved WOMH so much, but this one just didn't work for me.

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