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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

ARC Review: Targeted by Kendra Elliot

Targeted is a part of the Callahan & McLane series which stars Mason Callahan. Before I started reading this book, I already knew that the relationship between the main characters began in previous books in the series. I was somewhat worried that I wouldn't be able to catch up or follow along but take it from me, that is not the case. This book definitely qualifies as a standalone. I plan to quickly read everything else in the series but I am happy to report that you can start right here.

The couple in this thrilling action/suspense/romance is Mason and Mason, a detective in the Portland Police Department and Ava McLane, a special agent with the FBI. From what I know based on other reviews, the two meet in the first book in the series and develop a relationship that continues from book to book. In Targeted, Ava and Mason are wrapped up in solving the mystery of a murderer who is bold enough to target law enforcement officers.

I was into this book almost from page one. There is no wasted time in the plot, the first murder occurs almost right away and it is high speed from that point forward because of who gets killed. I really don't want to give anything away but I really like how the plot rapidly progresses. The first murder leads the investigation team to another death which had not registered on the radar before because it was deemed a suicide. While the first two murders are being dissected a third one happens and then ish gets really real!

Here's the thing, to write a good mystery/suspense, the author really has map the plot out in advance. The author has to be able to imagine twists that we the readers don't see coming. The thing I love love about Kendra Elliot is that she is a master at that. She kept me guessing but dropped enough hints so that I felt like the conclusion made sense and was within my grasp.

What puts a book like this over the top for me is the romance. I really loved the connection between Mason and Ava. Their interactions had a depth that I really wasn't expecting in a book that isn't primarily a romance. Both Mason and Ava are complex characters. Their individual stories fit well in the overall plot and helped to add layers to the story.

This is a great book for lovers of mystery, suspense and romance. I highly recommend it.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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