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Monday, October 3, 2016

ARC Review: Christmas in Eternity Springs by Emily March

I can’t believe it, we are already at book twelve of the Eternity Springs series. Each book can be read as a standalone, but I like knowing the background of the town and the secondary characters. Like with all of the other books in this series it’s about the power of love healing. In this book we have Jax Lancaster his son Nicholas and Miss Christmas, Claire Branham. All three have need of the healing powers of Eternity Springs. Nicholas concurred his fear of dogs with the help of Chase and Laurie in Reunion Pass and in this book he is determined to concur his fear of Christmas. Jax is determined to do right by his son to the point of moving to Eternity Springs to help the boy who thinks it will be the only way to cure his fear. Claire on the other hand moved to Eternity Springs to escape, she opened up a year round Christmas Shop to force herself into loving the holiday again. This one isn’t as dark as some of the previous ones but it’s a great holiday novel to help you get into the mood for the upcoming season. 

The story starts off with Claire finding out her fiancĂ© is already married at Christmas Eve; then it cuts to the present, Claire already has Forever Christmas and is a success in Eternity Springs. Jax is in town picking up Nicholas from camp and meets Claire at the Angel Falls hot springs. An instant attraction makes it easy for them to start up an easy friendship and they both agree that they will write in a journal a daily affirmation, at the end of the day they will write something good about the day.  But when Nicholas and Jax get back to Seattle things get worse and Jax makes a deal with Nicholas that they can move to Eternity Springs for one year and see how it goes. Jax and Claire are thrown together by circumstances and they aren’t arguing. A fire has them sharing a house and their growing attraction just makes it easier to settle into a routine. Claire even starts to help Nicholas with his fear of Christmas by reading him Christmas stories every night. Little by little the trio all fall in love but as it always happens in these stories it must get worse before they can fully heal. Claire’s past comes up and scares Jax and Claire uses that as a convenient excuse to run. 

Overall, this was a great book to start off my holiday reading list. I love escaping into Eternity Springs.  

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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