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Monday, March 13, 2017

ARC Review: Blush For Me by Kristen Proby

I am loving the Fusion series by Kristen Proby, but I have to admit that Blush For Me has been my favorite so far! This book was fantastic from start to finish, and I couldn't put it down! I found real life melting away I was so engrossed in this book, and I just loved these characters. Each book in this series is a standalone story, though they are all great books and I highly recommend reading them all! It was so good to see familiar faces here, but Kat and Mac had me right from the start and I just couldn't get enough of them. 

Kat Meyers is the bar manager of Seduction, the hot new restaurant/bar she owns with her close friends. She has always been independent and isn't afraid of pretty much anything, except flying. So when she is forced to get on a plane for a business trip, she finds herself taking comfort in the hot guy in the seat next to her. As soon as the plane lands though, Kat can't wait to get off and leaves before speaking to Mac. So when he shows up at the same place she does, they hit it off and decide to turn their attraction into a sexy week that ends when they return home. But both of them find that they are unable to forget each other, and Mac is determined to convince Kat that they aren't done yet. But can two people who don't do relationships possibly find a way to have one with each other? 

I absolutely loved these two. Mac was sexy and sweet, caring and thoughtful. I honestly just adored everything about him and he is definitely at the top of my all time favorite book boyfriends list. Mac was everything you could ever want in a man, and he was so great with Kat. He took a scary experience for her and turned it into something manageable, without ever making her feel bad about it. He was always so supportive of her, and I just loved him for it. I also loved that while he didn't do relationships and was clearly out of his comfort zone with the things he was feeling, he didn't run from it! He embraced it and knew that he had something special developing with Kat. Kat was so strong and independent, used to taking care of herself and she definitely didn't need a man. But I loved seeing her have the support and love from Mac for her to lean on. She was scared of what she was feeling as well as Mac, and it was refreshing to see her not fight it either. She knew that he was different and that what she was feeling was more, but she didn't freak out and push him away. It was just so great to see characters that were mature and acted like adults, and were able to face things that might be scary but that they knew were worth taking a chance on. 

The chemistry between these two was off the charts and the sparks were flying from their very first meeting. But it was their connection that I really found special. I really just loved everything about this book and these characters, and I can't recommend it enough. Kat and Mac are characters that were clearly perfect for one another, and I loved how well they complimented one another. They were fun to read about, and I know that I will definitely be reading their book again in the future. While I have loved the previous couples in this series and look forward to learning more about the rest of their group of friends, Kat and Mac were just so genuine and easy to relate to that I felt so connected to them and their story. This is hands down my favorite Kristen Proby book to date, and I can't wait to read more from her in the future. This one is a must read!

**ARC Provided by Inkslinger PR**

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