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Thursday, March 16, 2017

ARC Review: The Turn by Kim Harrison

When I found out that Kim Harrison was going to give us fans new insight into the world of the Hollows pre-Turn, excitement ran through my veins at lightning speed. Harrison has been a favorite author of mine for quite some time and I just love everything she writes, but the Hollows holds a special place in my heart. I could re-read each book on repeat, and have on occasion whilst in one of those readers’ slumps we all sometimes find ourselves in. Of course, they ALWAYS work. Now, The Turn doesn’t have Rachel, Jenks, or Ivy BUT it does take place in the same world AND we get glimpses of characters from the Hollows that we had soft spots for or despised (laughs) prior to this storyline. Even better, we get new characters to love and in the joy of reading through the story we find ourselves learning more about a particular couple that brought Trent Kalamack (one of my favorite male leads to this day) to life.

Trisk Cambri is a top-notch Geneticist who is determined to prove her worth, especially in the eyes of the Enclave against her rival Trenton Kalamack (Kal). Unfortunately, Kal not only has the spotlight thanks to his familial notoriety but financial backing as well. When the two clash, our story begins with Trisk believing her chances to find success may have all but dried up. However, the plot thickens as a member of the Enclave places her at a human-run lab. Not only can she work on her own theories, but now she can utilize her skills in security. By doing so she is ensuring that the humans aren’t able to move too far ahead in their scientific discoveries lest they potentially harm the Inderlander species, particularly the Elves.

As she wades through the less sophisticated human-run labs, she is able to successfully create her genetically modified tomato. This species is drought-resistant to the point that it flourishes to great extremes. In fact, her tomato is on the verge of famous thanks to the third-world countries it is now helping to relieve of starvation. She has even become published. More importantly perhaps, she has been able to tweak her co-worker Dr. Daniel Plank’s virus thereby providing reasoning indicative of her concepts regarding viruses being useful in fixing her own species genetic failures.

The virus in question is still thoroughly capable of being used for tactical purposes in military warfare, but no longer lethal to humans and practically harmless toward the Inderland community. Thanks to her genius, success and fame may finally be in her grasp, but with the backing of a certain individuals, Kal seeks to meddle where he can. He is simply incapable of ignoring the satisfaction and glory he could find while saving his career and taking down his arch nemesis simultaneously.

Kal attempts to get close to Trisk and fool her, but she is no ordinary opposition; time has made her stronger as a young woman, and she refuses to lose. As the two embark on a game of cat and mouse from both sides, one will underestimate the other. With greed and hunger for power, Kal unknowingly dooms the world. As a race to outwit one another begins, Trisk realizes that she holds the fate of humankind in her hands. As disease spreads, thanks to tampering on Kal’s behalf, one is unsure just how far he will go to be number one.

Can her and several unlikely allies save them before it is too late? What of her species? Has she fallen from grace in her quest to learn who she is, and find succes to the point where she will continue to be viewed as nothing but a mere female dark elf? Or, will she overcome all obstacles and break the chains that her own society seems all too comfortable with binding to her? Will she gain her freedom, and her chance to thrive?

To find out, you must read! You will find as you progress from chapter to chapter that some characters will disturb you (Kal). I loved to loathe Kal and admittedly, still cannot fathom how on earth his son has even a remotely positive image of him in his memories. I am still angry at him, still impressed by his zeal, and still further distraught that he could be so damned evil. Yet, I cannot help but hope that he somehow becomes a better man. I have never wanted to love a male lead so much before that a part of me hated (laughs).

As for Trisk? Well, she is simply one of the best female heroines I’ve had the pleasure of knowing in a long time. I love how strong and capable she is. Not matter how many times she gets knocked down, she finds a way to persevere. She is everything that one could possibly root for and a new favorite. Trisk has faults and is not perfect, but she strives to be better in a world where her environment ensures that doing what is right becomes the harder path to walk. I just loved her.

I NEED TO KNOW how this story continues. I NEED TO KNOW how Trisk can possibly live with him by her side. I NEED TO KNOW how these two somehow appear to later fall in love if Trent’s memories are indicative of such a thing (he seemed to think they loved each other). I NEED TO KNOW the bits and pieces that happen from heartache and desperation, to longing and happiness from the beginning to end of their time together. Trisk and Kal? I NEED MORE of them.

As for the extras in this book….well, it is hard to even describe how much I LOVED the secondary characters and how deeply satisfied I am by the appearances of others from the Hollows. So many surprises from the plotline, but also so many delightful surprises regarding how the characters develop and change; how they switch sides due to their moral compasses and become formidable allies. Doctor Daniel Plank and his constant support along with his unwavering nobility is a strong and lovable character. Orchid, the saucy and vibrant pixy…..I can’t even tell you how enthralled I was with her attitude and unique outlook. I loved how the Weres and Humans came together to help Trisk along the way, constantly surprising me.

Then there is Quen and his unshakeable loyalty….goodness, I’ve always loved him, and was so happy to see him in his younger days. Al and his tricks, his evil ways despite not being quite as evil as he’d like to be. I was beyond thrilled to smile over his witty and dry banter. Add in Takata and a few others I’ll leave you to discover, and damn! I cannot say enough about how great this book was. With that said, I need more. Please?

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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