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Saturday, March 25, 2017

ARC Review: Left Hanging by Cindy Dorminy

Ok, I stumbled on to a Christian/inspirational romance totally on accident. I have to start by saying, I have never read one of these books before. I am a hardcore erotic romance fan. I even like some of the darker smuttier sub-genres so Christian/inspiration was quite a 180 for me. And yes, I totally admit, after like the 60% mark I was all 'so wait, there's no sex? Like, none?' But if we could just all (me) get our (mine) minds out of the gutter for a moment, we might discover something new that might be for you.

I liked the synopsis of this book. Girl meets boy at party, has a one night stand, get's pregnant, misunderstandings pile up and girl raises baby for 6 years without boy knowing he has a child. I've read books like that before and I was ready for the drama. This is actually a pretty good rendering of this romance theme. And despite the fact that I'm not used to reading a scripture or seeing people pray in romance novels, that all fit into the story. And dare I say, that even gave this book a little something extra to distinguish it from all the similar books.

It is always difficult dealing with this theme. Depending on the reasons a child has been kept from a parent, the author runs the risk of really making us hate one or both characters. In this book, the reason was right on the line of making me hate Darla. There is a miscommunication (to put it mildly) between Darla and Theo that leads Darla to believe Theo does not want her or their child. The weird thing about the miscommunication is that I thought I had figured out what caused it and it was actually something totally different. I wish the author had gone with Plan A because the real explanation made far less sense to me.

My main problem with this book (although I had more than one) was the main characters. Darla figures out there's been a miscommunication but does not immediately rectify it. Her reasons for not clearing up the whole 'hey by the way you've got a kid' thing vary. But none of them are valid and I seriously wanted to drop kick her by the time it finally comes out. The other problem with this book-Theo. If you read any review of mine, you know I love big bad bossy alpha men- that was absolutely not Theo. Theo got trampled on by his psuedo stalky ex and put up with almost anything from Darla. In fact, at one point, even Darla realizes she's probably treating Theo like his mean ex. I know a lot of Christian guys and I know a lot of guys who are just generally positive. None of them are as weak as Theo was. You might think it was sweet if your heart is not black like mine. For me, it came across way doormatish.  The other main issue that drove me crazy was the amount of whodunit, who's doing it, how did it happen that was built in to this story. Every good book needs conflict but there can't be an entire book of questions. Some of the issues in this book just needed to get cleared up faster.

Be warned, there is no freakyness at all in this book. So there are a lot of conversations and platonic bonding. If you find some of the popular romance to be a bit much, you like emotional romance and you're inspired by the greater good, this might be a good book for you. For me, the characters made it hard to love this book and I thought the writing was decent but not griping.

**ARC provided by Author**

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