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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

ARC Review: The Negotiator by Avery Flynn

The Negotiator is a entertaining and fun contemporary romance. The book follows a well worn trope of the faked engagement that starts to turn into something real. The author keeps things interesting with great storytelling, interesting characters and some good support from the secondary cast.

Sawyer is dealing with his elite socialite Mother who is determined to marry him off. Sawyer is the CEO of some huge family business  and his Mother has made it her business to ensure that he finds a suitable wife. Sawyer's brother Hudson gets the "bright" idea to hire Sawyer a personal buffer. Hudson wants to help Sawyer find someone who can keep their Mother off Sawyer's back until Sawyer can close some major business deal. Enter Clover.

Clover is a free spirit/world traveler. Clover's entire life mission is not to miss out on any adventure. Clover's sub-goal is not to end up like her Mother. In Clover's mind, her Mother gave up everything she wanted in life because she got pregnant and married. Clover's perception is that long term love is stifling and what matters most is freedom. When Clover sees the ad for the temporary job as a personal buffer, it's perfect for her. There is no long term commitment and Clover can earn enough money to finance her next adventure.

Clover and Sawyer together are something to see. Sawyer's world is carefully controlled. He's committed to working towards the "big picture" goals but he misses out on all the details of life. On the other hand, Clover is so committed to enjoying the details, she is missing out on some of the big picture. Clover and Sawyer are both sweet and funny together. Each has what the other one is lacking life perspective and their chemistry in the bedroom is hot. Sawyer's Mother was a bit much but hold back judgment on her. All of the family members help the couple to see what it is they're missing and find their HEA.

This is a really sweet and well written contemporary romance. Add this to your summer reading list.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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