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Friday, May 11, 2018

ARC Review: Perfect Love Story by Natasha Madison

Perfect Love Story by Natasha Madison is the first book in her new Love Series. I really loved this book and I can’t wait for more in the series! I was drawn to this series with the blurb that it was about 3 couples finding love after a man’s death exposing lies and deceit. Sounds interesting right? Well Perfect Love Story was a great start to the series and I highly recommend it. 

When Hailey’s husband dies, she is heartbroken to learn that not only did she lose him, but that her whole life was a lie. Finding out that he was married to someone else throws her for a loop and she decides to move to the country to start over. Jensen was married to his high school sweetheart until they had a child together and she decided to up and leave him for his best friend. Since then, he has focused on raising his daughter. So when Hailey moves into the house that was once supposed to be his family’s home, Jensen isn’t happy about it and makes it known. But as both of them keep running into each other, they begin to realize that they aren’t as broken as they once thought they were and maybe they might have a chance at the perfect love story together. 

I loved Hailey and Jensen. Don’t get me wrong, I was a bit worried when it came to Jensen at the beginning. He could be such a jerk to Hailey, and I feared I wouldn’t like him. But when you find out everything that had happened, you start to see why he reacted the way he did, even if it wasn’t excusable it was understandable. But as he started to come around, I found it impossible to resist him just like Hailey. I cannot even imagine being in Hailey’s shoes. To find out all that she did and not let it destroy her was something I really admired. She was so strong and I loved her positive attitude and the way that she continued to live her life and be kind and friendly to those around her. Hailey and Jensen had a ton of chemistry and I loved the connection that seemed to come so naturally between them. It was very genuine and it felt like they had always been meant to go through what they each did so they could end up together and exactly where they should be. 

I honestly loved this book and I can’t wait for more in the series. I loved the secondary characters as well and I am anxious to get to know them better! Especially Crystal and Gabe, I just know their story is going to be fantastic! I highly recommend this one, and I think readers of all genres will enjoy it!

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