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Monday, December 3, 2018

ARC Review: Only Love by Melanie Harlow

Only Love is the third book in the One and Only series by Melanie Harlow. I love Melanie’s books and have enjoyed this series, with each book being a standalone story they are able to be read without reading the others. They are all interconnected though, so for full enjoyment you might want to read them in order. I will say that while I enjoyed this one, it was my least favorite of the series. I struggled a bit with this story unlike the previous books. 

Instead of getting a proposal for her birthday like she expected, Stella got dumped. When her Grams finds out, she has the perfect plan for her granddaughter. She fakes dementia and health problems to get her to visit, all with the plan of getting Stella together with her next door neighbor Ryan. Ryan is a Marine that keeps to himself and doesn’t get out much, after all he has been through that is the way he wants it. But Grams is not having it and knows that he would be perfect for her granddaughter. While the attraction between them is there from the start, Ryan’s past has him fighting anything more between them as much as they both want something more. 

Part of my issue here was Ryan. While he was sexy and had some great moments, I found myself growing sick of the hot and cold with him. I understood part of what he was going through and how he felt, but it was so back and forth and it just got really old. I grew tired of it and honestly didn’t see why Stella kept forgiving him so easily. Stella was sweet and I felt for her and all the insecurities she had because of her past. She kind of came off as a bit weak though, with how she could just so quickly and easily move forward with Ryan no matter how he treated her. Things progressed so quickly between them, I could see the chemistry and the physical side but the connection was harder for me to believe. It was pretty much insta-love and I struggled to get behind that. They definitely had steam though, that was very clear from the start. 

Overall, not my favorite of the series, though there were several things that I enjoyed. It was steamy and Grams was a hoot! She was definitely the comic relief that kept me from being truly frustrated here and I was so loving her parts. I have really enjoyed Melanie’s books though, so while this wasn’t the best I’ve read from her it definitely won’t be the last! If you’ve enjoyed this series or think it sounds like one you might like, I recommend giving it a go.

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