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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Review: A Taste of Midnight by Lara Adrian

Lara Adrian is able to pack a whole lotta story in a novella and believe me, that is not an easy task. I'll be honest, I'm normally not the biggest fan of novellas or short stories, it usually feels as if things are packed in or as if important items are left out. That was definitely not the case with A Taste of Midnight. Lara was able to pack  so much information in the novella without me feeling bombarded with facts and items that were not needed. The story was exactly the perfect length.

Dani's story was great and I loved being able to catch up with her and see how she was doing. I am so happy that she was able to get her HEA. I was very curious to see how her story would turn out and to see if her HEA would feel believable or not. With the way the way things were left with Dani I wasn't too sure on her HEA. For me, it isn't always believable when a widow/widower takes on a new love. It just feels like the love they had before wasn't real or the new love feels a bit forced or not completely true. That was definitely not the case with Dani and her HEA. I was on-board 100% and I totally believed in her and Mac.

I really enjoyed getting to know Mac. His story broke my heart and I found myself rooting for him as soon as he came onto the page. I am so glad that he and Dani were able to find solace and companionship with each other.

This was just another great story written by Lara Adrian and it just reaffirms my love for her and this wonderful series.



  1. I'm ashamed to say I'm a bit behind on this series (and many other great ones like it...), but if this one is anything like the previous ones, I'll be reading it as soon as I can. And no doubt loving it as well! :D


  2. Skimming your review, this one is on my TBR already, and will be read soon. Love this series, and I believe it is underappreciated.