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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Guest Post with Author Michelle Beattie and Giveaway

Today I would like to welcome to RFTC author Michelle Beattie. Michelle has stopped by today to talk about her most recent release, Heart of Mine. Before I give the floor over to Michelle, lets get to know her a some.

Michelle Beattie has been writing for 15 years. Her first pirate novel sold to the Berkley Publishing Group in 2007 and hit the shelves in December 2008 under the title, What a Pirate Desires.

Wanting to build a readership, Berkley encouraged Michelle to turn the book into a series and 6 months later she signed a two-book contract. Her second novel, Romancing the Pirate was released in 2009 and the third book, A Pirate's Possession was released in December 2010.

Her books have received wonderful praise from publisher's weekly, Romantic Times and several on-line review sites as well as have been published in several languages.

Places to find Michelle:

Horsing Around 

I don't own a horse. I've never owned a horse. I'll never own a horse. And yet I have a strange fascination with them. I can't explain where this fascination comes from. I wasn't one of those girls who dreamt of having a pony as a girl. Actually, I would have much preferred a dolphin, but that's another story.

But here's the thing. I don't dream of dolphins and yet I dream of horses. A lot. And no, they aren't good dreams. I dream of horses chasing me. I've had horses chase me over fences, not just one fence but like a corral of them. As fast as I can climb one fence to get away, they jump over. I've zig-zagged back and forth and my dream horses are limber and they just keep jumping after me. I've had one chase me up the rafters of a barn. I'm not kidding! Those suckers climbed the rafters. I'm always scared in my dream and as fast as I can get away, there they are, right on my tail. Why? Don't ask me, I have no idea.

Seriously, I don't. I like horses. I've only ever fallen off once and it was as much my fault as his and I wasn't hurt. I've never been bitten, kicked or chased up rafters. I can't explain this other than I do have a hearty respect (and a small dose of fear) for horses. Ok, so maybe I can't explain my dreams, but I can explain why I still smile every time I see a horse in a paddock or out to pasture.

Firstly, they're regal. Seeing them standing in the pasture, head held high, ears pricked forward and all that smooth hide glistening in the sun, I can't help but smile. They're a very pretty animal.

And of all the animals on earth, horses must have the best smell. It's organic and very specific to them. If in my book I tell you the hero smells of horseflesh, you know right away what that would smell like.

And speaking of my books, I've written 2 historical westerns, Heart of Mine being one, and my heroes all look AMAZING on horseback. But then, don't all men? There is something super sexy about a man on horseback. No, that's not true. Not all men. Cowboys. Men who are natural in the saddle, men who work with these animals, respect these animals and treat them kindly. If he wears chaps…all the better!

Hmm, now that I think on it more maybe I do know where this fascination comes from. Horses play an integral part to a cowboy's life. They are a part of him and since I love cowboys, it stands to reason I must also love their horses.

So, dear readers let me put the question to you. Do you like horses? Do you own one? Would you if you could? And what is it about them that either pulls you in or sends you running? Just don't go running into the rafters, they'll find you!

To avoid a forced marriage, Laura Gibbs has little choice but to go along with her controlling father's plan to deceive the man she's secretly loved for years. Scared and alone, she lies next to a drugged and sleeping Jake knowing fully well the position she's putting him in.

Jake Evans has been burned in the past and has learned the hard way that nobody is interested in him, only his money. So when he wakes to find Laura in his bed, he's convinced that she's yet another in a long line of women who only wants his share of his recently inherited gold mine. A fact soon confirmed when her father storms in the room and demands Jake make an honest woman out of Laura, lest he be charged with rape and hanged. A bitter Jake agrees, but vows that money-grubbing Hugh will never see a cent of his money.

As Laura gains freedom from her oppressing father, she also gains courage. Determined to make a real marriage with Jake, she refuses her father's demand that she steal from her husband and instead concentrates her efforts on showing Jake the woman she truly is.

Despite Laura's deceptions, Jake can't deny his attraction to her. With the physical attraction sizzling between them, Jake begins to believe he's finally found the woman for him.

But there's trouble brewing. Hugh, neck-deep in gambling debts with no money in sight, seeks drastic measures that won't only risk Laura and Jake's marriage; it'll risk her very life.

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  1. Have owned horses, my boys rodeoed for years ) horses are intelligent animals, but a lot of work!! No horses now that my boys are on their own - they get the joy of the bills and the care )

    1. Kerry, my sister in law has horses and I know they are expensive, and a lot of work. I love looking at them, but glad I don't have the bills associated with them.

      Thanks for coming by!

  2. I love horses, but sadly don't own one yet. They are such big, beautiful, and powerful animals it's hard not to at least admire them. My sister and I plan to have a horse and pony farm one day:)

    1. That would be cool! I love the idea of sitting with a coffee and just watching them. As you said, they are beautiful.

  3. I don't own horses, never would. They are beautiful creatures, very majestic, intelligent animals, but they scare the bejezus out of me.They're just so large and can do so much damage.I love looking at them from afar or in movies and that's fine.

    1. Yep. Joanne, I hear ya! I think that's why they follow me in my dreams, I know they can hurt me!

      thanks for the comment.

  4. I don't own a horse, but I think they are beautiful. Where I live in Florida there are a lot of horse farms and I love watching them in the pasture.

    1. Mary, it's relaxing isn't it, just watching them? Kinda like watching ducks swim.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I've always loved horses. Black Beauty, The Black Stallion and Man'O'War were my favorite books as a kid. However, I wouldn't want to own one - that would mean I'd have to live far enough out of town to have enough land, and they are way too much work. I just like to admire them.

    1. Jen, another woman like me! I don't mind the country life, it's where I live, but I just don't want the expense and the responsibility. Plus if you're not going to ride them, what's the point?


  6. Danielle, thanks for having me today!

  7. I have never been around horses much. I have Friend's that own them, and I like to look at them. They are so beautiful. One of my Friend's competes in dressage. I love to go watch her. this book sounds really good. Lots of angst! Thanks!

  8. Shelley, thanks for the comment. I love watching horse jumping on TV. I always hold my breath as they leap over the obstacles.

  9. Michelle - I think those horses are chasing you because they want you to write MORE WESTERNS!
    I've never owned a horse or wanted to. I am content to read about them.
    The only horse I ever rode ran away with me and scared me. He finally stopped and I got off and said goodbye.

  10. Suzanne, too funny! thanks, I will write more westerns, so they can stop chasing me now!

  11. I've got a book that analyzes dreams and, girlfriend, we've got to talk. LOL.

    Yes, a horse is a beautiful animal. Doubly so when a sexy man is on top. But I'm happy to admire the four-legged critter from a distance.

  12. I'm with so many of you - I love to look at them and pet them through the fence but that's enough for me. besides the work and the feed, they're time consuming.

  13. My daughter went through 10 years of riding and was enraptured with horses during that time. Me? Nope. Last time I rode, the beast was preoccupied with scraping me off on the trees lining the trail. I didn't know how to handle it, and the riding leader wasn't paying attention. Needless to say, I haven't volunteered for a repeat. I didn't enjoy it enough to push through the difficulties.

  14. I like horses. I don't own one and don't want to. I think they look pretty.