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Thursday, November 29, 2012

ARC Review: Romancing the Holiday by Christi Barth, Jaci Burton and HelenKay Dimon

Romancing the Holiday is an anthology comprised of three different novellas.

We'll Be Home for Christmas - HelenKay Dimon

Months ago Lila and Spence, who she knows as Austin spent a steamy and sex filled three days together locked in a hotel room. Afterwards, both parted never expecting to see each other again. But like most romance novels, that pretty much goes out the window pretty quickly. 

Down on her luck, Lila is attempting to start her life over and plans to fix up and run her uncle's old RV/Campground in West Virginia. The first order of business when Lila arrives is to head into town and pick up the order her uncle left for her at the nursery. When Lila arrives she is introduced to Austin Thomas, one of the owners of the nursery. Also, the man with whom she supposedly had spent the three nights in the hotel with a few months ago, only this is not the same man. Yes, his name is the same but he isn't the same. As Lila is confessing everything to Austin in hopes of trying to figure out just what the hell is going on Spence walks in. 

Spence has always felt bad about deceiving Lila, but doesn't regret the time they spent together. If he were being completely honest, he regrets that their time spent together was so short as he hasn't been able to stop thinking about their time together. Feeling horrible for his deception as well as wanting to spend time with Lila, Spence offers to help her with the renovation to the campground. 

Slowly but surely these two begin to work out their issues and come to a truce to start over. Quickly the chemistry between these two is becoming more and more apparent and both are finding it hard to resit one another. 

I really enjoyed this story and loved the connection between Lila and Spence. Both are completely attracted to one another and I thought some of their scenes together were pretty hot. I really enjoyed HelenKay's writing and am looking forward to reading more from her. 

Ask Her at Christmas - Christi Barth

Caitlin has been in love with her best friend Kyle for years. When Kyle proposes to Caitlin her heart stops and she can't breath. Kyle has never even hinted that her feelings might be reciprocated and now that he's proposing it's a total shock. Just as she's about to come back around Kyle reveals that it was just a test and that he was just practicing for when he proposes to his girlfriend Monica. 

Kyle might not love Monica and they might not get along as well as he and Caitlin do, but it's what his father wants and Kyle is determined to do whatever he can to make him proud, even if that means marrying someone he doesn't love. Kyle knows that he wants to propose to Monica and he wants it to be special, so he enlists Caitlin's help in the task. 

I have mixed feelings about this story. While I'm a huge fan of friends to lovers tropes, I feel like something was missing from this one. I would have liked to have seen more romance between Kyle and Caitlin. I just didn't feel like there was enough and I just didn't really believe in their HEA. 

The Best Thing - Jaci Burton

Tori Lewis and Brody Kent have always had a combative relationship with each other until several months ago when they shared a heated kiss. Ever since then, Tori has been withdrawn and snappy. Not wanting to jeopardize her job at Kent Construction or her relationship with the Kent family, she brushed it off and has since stopped speaking to Brody. Tori has always had a secret crush on Brody but he has a reputation as a manwhore and she definitely doesn't want to risk everything she's worked for just to be his girl of the week.  

Brody doesn't know what came over him when he kissed Tori but he doesn't regret it at all. What he regrets is the way things have gone down since the kiss. He's has tried on numerous occasions to talk to Tori about what happened to explains things but Tori just won't listen. Brody knows that he has a reputation for being a manwhore but how can he explain to Tori that he wants more from her than to just one night. 

This story was by far my favorite of the anthology. I thought there was so much chemistry and heat between Tori and Brody. Not only did I enjoy Tori and Brody, but I loved everyone else I was introduced to. I loved the camaraderie and the relationships we saw with everyone else.


I found this anthology highly enjoyable and I definitely recommend it. Each story was entertaining and sweet and made me want to read more. If you are looking for a great holiday inspired read, than this anthology is the way to go.

**ARC provided by NetGalley**

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  1. What a fabulous read this will be. I've so enjoyed the Christmas novels this year and I do believe this is another good one!