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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Guest Post with Nona Raines

Today I would like to welcome back to RFTC author, Nona RainesNona is on tour promoting her book Her Perfect Man and has stopped by to answer some questions. Please give Nona a warm welcome.

Nona Raines became hooked on romances when she first picked up "The Flame and the Flower" by Kathleen Woodiwiss (and she's not telling how long ago that was). Romances may have changed since then, but her love for a good love story has not. She's been writing off and on for years, but it was only when she joined the Central New York Romance Writers Association that she finally gained the support and confidence she needed to complete a manuscript.

Nona lives in upstate New York with her many pets and is currently working on her next novel. A former librarian, she enjoys reading books of all genres and discussing them with others. She is thrilled to finally be able to call herself an author and looks forward to hearing from readers.

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Thanks so much for letting me be here today to share a bit of my story with you!

In my erotic romance Her Perfect Man, the hero Charlie isn't put off by Kim's attitude because he faces attitude every day of his life. He's a teacher. In fact, that's one of the reasons Kim's initially guarded around him. She has a lot of bad memories of her school days. But persistence is another one of Charlie's good qualities. He's knows how to see the potential in people. And he knows that Kim's prickly fa├žade is a shield for someone who's been hurt too often, and is afraid of being hurt again.

We all have memories of our teachers—some good, some bad. One of my most memorable teachers (in a good way) was Mr. S. from sixth grade. He's had polio as a child, and it affected his hands. His fingers were curled in and he couldn't use them the way we students used ours. But that didn't hold him back. Mr. S was an inspiration to all of us about not letting personal adversity keep us from our dreams. He was also an inspiration to me personally, as he really encouraged my writing.

Charlie wants to be an inspiration to his students, and he wants to inspire Kim. He realizes she doesn't have very high self-esteem. He knows she's capable of doing and being anything she wants—if only she can believe it herself. But he's not with Kim out of altruism. He wants her, enjoys their bedroom play, and he's falling in love with her.

Thanks again, Dani, for letting me share your blog today!

Kim Hansen has terrible luck with men. When her sexy downstairs neighbor shows a more-than-neighborly interest in her, she's suspicious. She's been burned too many times, by too many guys. Steamy sex is one thing, but Charlie Keller is smart, hot and successful—so what could he want with her besides a few nights of pleasure?

Though Kim does her best to shut him down, Charlie's not put off by her attitude. He doesn't scare easy. Kim thinks she's clever, using sex to maintain an emotional distance and to keep him off guard. But Charlie sees through her tough exterior to the tender heart beneath.

But Kim needs to be won over. Sure, their bedroom action is awesome, but given her past mistakes, she's convinced Charlie is too good to be true. Just too perfect. But if Charlie has his way, he'll prove that he's the perfect man for her.

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Kim pulled open the door and began "Look, I just want to…" Her voice trailed off and her mouth went dry as she got a good look at him. This was Charlie?

Gone was the preppy polo shirt he'd had on last night. Today he wore a black T-shirt that stretched tightly over his chest. A warm, hard chest that she remembered touching last night. Kim's heart thumped.

He'd changed last night's Dockers for a pair of jeans that hugged his thighs. Heat flashed through her as she recalled sitting on his lap and how hard he'd been for her. Oh, God, she couldn't help it. Her gaze went to his package, which filled the front of his jeans beautifully.

Her eyes flashed to his. "You like?" he asked. The same words she said to him last night.

She opened her mouth, but no words came out. He was the same man, but different. And not only had the clothing changed, so had his demeanor. This Charlie was not the geeky schoolteacher or the helpful downstairs neighbor. This Charlie was a really hot guy. And from the way his blue eyes lasered her, he thought she was hot, too.

"Are you sober now?" His voice was taut.

"Huh?" She blinked. "Yeah."

"Good." Before Kim had time to wonder at his question or feel insulted by it, he stepped inside, kicked the door shut and hauled her into his arms.

He didn't so much kiss her as devour her—as though he were taking up from where they left off last night, before his conscience made him leave. Kim had no trouble catching up.

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