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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Guest Post with Author Gabrielle Bissett

Today I would like to welcome back to RFTC author, Gabrielle Bissett. With the release of Blood Prophecy just around the corner, Gabrielle has stopped by to chat and she's brought along a friend. Please give Gabrielle and Thane a warm welcome.

Gabrielle Bisset spends her days teaching college students American and European history, but by night she's an erotic romance author. Her first book, Stolen Destiny, was released by Siren Publishing in June 2011, and since then she's released the novellas of The Victorian Erotic Romance Trilogy--Vampire Dreams, Love's Master, and Masquerade--in addition to Destiny Redeemed. In December 2011, she released Blood Avenged, the first book in the Sons of Navarus series about eight vampires who must protect their world against an enemy that travels among their kind. She lives in Pennsylvania with her teenage son and a herd of pets.

Places to find Gabrielle:
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Thanks so much for having me here today at Ramblings From This Chick! I'm in the middle of a huge month of blog visits in preparation for the release of the next Sons of Navarus book, Blood Prophecy, this spring, so it's great to be here.

I get requests all the time for character interviews, so I decided today was a good time to sit down with Thane, one of the two Sons chosen to decode the Prophecy of Idolas. So without further ado, please let me introduce you to Thane.

Gabrielle: It's wonderful to see you again, Thane.

Thane: Same here, Gabrielle. It's been so busy with everything that I haven't seen you since last year.

Gabrielle: So what's new? I know you can't divulge anything about the prophecy, but how have things been?

Thane: Life at the monastery has been interesting, to say the least. We're making progress on the prophecy, mainly thanks to Kali. I don't know what we'd do without her.

Gabrielle: Why don't you tell the readers about what you guys do when you're not working on saving your world?

Thane: (smiles) Ramiel spends most of his time alone. He's not a huge fan of hanging out with anyone. Dante's always trying to get us to go to this club he found in Bucharest. That one likes to have a good time!

Gabrielle: Ah, Dante. He came to see me once and I swear I'm still hung over from the experience.

Thane: That's our clyten. (laughs) We convinced Sion to go one night and he had pretty much the same time as you. He still swears it's like hanging out with Superman.

Gabrielle: Too funny! Okay, let's get down to business. Even though you're going to be featured prominently in Blood Prophecy, I have to admit I haven't given readers much about you. I intend on changing that tonight.

Thane: Sounds good. What do they want to know?

Gabrielle: (reaches over to get a sheet of paper) I wrote down all the questions I've gotten so far. It's pretty long, but I'll only ask a few. You do have work to do, after all. Okay, first, what nationality are you.

Thane: I'm English.

Gabrielle: I can barely hear a hint of an English accent now that you mention it.

Thane: Vampires lose whatever accent they had as humans, but for some reason I still have that lilt to my voice every so often.

Gabrielle: Okay, next. Have you ever been married or engaged?

Thane: (grins) No. Do you have someone in mind?

Gabrielle: No. Actually, I was going to ask the same question.

Thane: I think I know what you mean and my answer is maybe.

Gabrielle: Really? It seems to me that you have a very large obstacle to any happiness in that department.

Thane: I'm bigger than he is, but that's not the point. If it's meant to be, it will be.

Gabrielle: Okay, let's move on. What's your favorite food?

Thane: I've always been a meat and potatoes kind of man. A nice home cooked meal is always the best food, no matter what's on my plate.

Gabrielle: Do you considered yourself old-fashioned?

Thane: I think so. I've never really shaken off my upbringing. Even all these years later I'm still that same nobleman I was brought up to be.

Gabrielle: Here's another question from a reader: Do you like working with Ramiel? He seems so miserable.

Thane: (laughs) Ramiel isn't as bad as he seems. He's just had a different life, so that's why he seems cranky all the time. When push comes to shove, he's who I want having my back.

Gabrielle: Okay, here's another one: What's your favorite part of a woman's body?

Thane: Wow. Okay. Let me think. I love running my lips over a woman's neck and across her collarbone. It's not even that I have to take her blood. It's just a very sexy part of any woman.

Gabrielle: That sounds nice. I think it's getting hot in here. Okay, where was I? Oh, right. How about another question?

Thane: Your wish is my command. Shoot.

Gabrielle: Describe your perfect mate.

Thane: Sweet, kind, but strong. I think my dream woman would be someone who would want to live a quiet life in the country with me, maybe in a cottage in Ireland or England.

Gabrielle: That sounds nice. Have anyone in mind?

Thane: We'll see.

Gabrielle: Okay, let's end this interview with some lightning round questions. Wine, beer, or liquor?

Thane: Beer.

Gabrielle: Steak or seafood?

Thane: Steak.

Gabrielle: Blond or brunette?

Thane: Brunette.

Gabrielle: City or country?

Thane: Country, definitely.

Gabrielle: Winter or summer?

Thane: Summer.

Gabrielle: Thank you so much for sitting down with me tonight. As always, it's been so much fun seeing you again. Please take care of yourself.

Thane: You too. (leans over for a kiss) Until we meet again.

Thanks so much for letting me stop by today with Thane. If you haven't begun the Sons of Navarus series yet, now's the time. For more information on the Sons of Navarus series, readers can visit my website at for excerpts, buy links, character profiles, swag (romance trading cards), and free desktop wallpapers to bring those delicious Sons to your computer. And look for Blood Prophecy coming soon!

I am everything you fear. I am vampire.

As the two Sons chosen to decipher the Prophecy of Idolas, Ramiel and Thane journey to find the key to defeating the Archons. Together with Noele, a born vampire, they confront their fates as they fulfill their duty to their world. Along the way, they'll find love, but death and betrayal lurk in the shadows, threatening everything dear to them.

Descended from the gods and warriors all, each Son's loyalty will be tested. Every action has consequences, and the choices they make now seal their fates. Alliances as old as the vampire world itself are reforged, and the Sons' duty is clear. Stop the Archons. Or die trying.

Get free preview now at the following locations: | Author's Site | Amazon | Kobo |

Check out the Sons of Navarus series:
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  1. Thanks so much for having me here today!

  2. I haven't read this series yet, but I hear so many great things about it! Great interview!! :)

    1. Thanks, Emi! It's getting to a huge turning point with the book that's coming in a few months, so now's the time to jump right in. :)

  3. Marvellous interview, im glad you and Ramiel get along,cant wait to see whats happening in the story. If you went back to the quiet life in the country what would you like to do there, interesting fact about your accents, you might not have them but, you still retain your mannerism of the countries you came from

    1. Thane: Thanks for the comment, Julie. I think it's not so much that we retain mannerisms but we are who we are. I may have shaken almost everything about my days in England, but I was born this way and will likely be this way until the night I die, unless I decide to change for someone...

      Gabrielle: Thanks so much for commenting, Julie!

    2. curious you said the night you die, i hope it doesnt happen in the day, hope you defeat the dreaded Archons first and retire

  4. I love this series. I has moved some of my other faves down the list! Can't wait for Blood Prophecy to be released! :-)

    1. Thanks for stopping over, Dusty! It's coming soon. :)

  5. Let me say first off it was so nice to hear from Thane, he is by far my favorite son. I can not wait for the next book to come out. Since many of the son's seem to travel a lot I would venture to guess that Thane has as well, so Thane what is your favorite place to go to get away and why.

    1. Gabrielle: Thanks for coming by, Kim! I'll let Thane do the answering.

      Thane: I think my favorite place to get away would be considered home. I don't get back to the English countryside much, so when I do get to go back there, it's nice to just relax. I'm hoping after the civil war is over that I get to go back there and live the quiet life with someone I care about.

  6. i love this character interviews , and we learned a little more on Thane, such a sweetie

    1. Thanks Margie! He is a real sweetheart. <3

  7. Great interview! Thanks so much for sharing =). Thane, aside from settling back down in the English countryside with someone you care about, do you have any other hopes for after the civil war?

  8. Thane: Just to be happy. I guess I'm just a simple man who likes simple things.

    Gabrielle: Thanks for coming by, Holly!