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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

ARC Review: Deja Voodoo by Elle James

Reading the synopsis of this title I knew I was in for something quirky and different than most of the other PNR’s I generally read. It definitely proved true. Deja Voodoo being the third installment in her Cajun Magic series it provided sufficient enough back-story to connect the books, but not too much that it hindered the reading of Alex and Ed’s story.

Alex grew up in a large family of nineteen kids. Being one of the eldest she helped raise her younger siblings while work to carve a life of her own. Owning a gym and working double-time to prove to her overly concerned Mother that she did not have to have a steady man in her life to be happy took up most of her time. After receiving an interesting gift from her concerned friend she absent mindedly makes a wish only to see it come to fruition the following morning. Call this the proverbial wrench thrown into the works of her well constructed life as her world takes a sharp right into wacky-town.

Ed is on assignment keeping an eye on a witness for a high profile case. Not typically his choice to hang out posing as a fisherman in Bayou Miste, but his partner asked for his help and he had no great excuse for getting out of it. At the time he believed his partner was trying to make it a bit easier on him getting his Mother to rent out a cabin for him, but after being confronted with two sets of twins in a family of nineteen, and request to come to dinner where there was hardly a chance of refusal, and struggling to figure out how to appear as if he’d ever fished in his life as well as enjoyed the activity, he quickly found himself in over his head.

The initial meeting between Alex and Ed was hilarious and there were many other moments in this story that caused me to hold my sides and breathe through a giggle-fit. The romance was sufficiently steamy as well as the characters giving off the feeling of a great match. Ed’s job brought some action to this story and quicken the reading pace a bit. The supporting characters helped to round out the story to make this one a complete package.

In summary I found this title to be a light and quick read. The quirky aspect of the voodoo magic and small town setting worked to give you a little different flavor to the PNR dish. I would have liked to see a little more fleshing out of Alex and Ed’s characters. Don’t get me wrong I liked them, just wasn’t able to connect with them as easily as I’d like to have. Also there were some moments in this story that just kind of left me confused and slightly creeped out. To put these moments in the review would cause some spoilers so I’ll just say that when you come across them I’m sure you’ll be able to know what ones I’m referring to. In general this was a fairly fun read and if slightly oddball PNR is your thing then I believe you will enjoy this title.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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  1. I have this book and need to read it for the publisher. I have yet to start it but after reading your review I am more inclined to give it a go. Thanks!