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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

ARC Review: Lions, Tigers, and Sexy Bears Oh My! by Candace Havens

A quirky fun read to go along with its quirky and fun title. Though the beginning of the story gives you the feeling of something leaning towards a suspense or thriller, the plot never quite gets you there. Instead you have a light read laced with a bit of action, humorous moments and dialogue, and some heady chemistry.

Ainsley McLeon is on the run after accidentally stumbling into the wrong place at the wrong time. Her Uncle and Brother seem to be taking part in criminal activities regarding her family’s company, and out of the blue she finds herself on the receiving end of gun fire. Fleeing for her life she takes off to a place no one would think to find her.

Luc not only runs the local watering hole...but is one bear of an attitude. No one deliberately stands in his way, or questions his orders. That is until the night a high-heel clad young woman walks into his establishment looking for a job. Her being human and all too easy on the eyes, especially his eyes, he turns her down believing that getting out of town would be best for everyone. Upon returning from the kitchen to see her waiting on his customers regardless of his wishes sparks his ire, as well as deepens his intrigue regarding this mystery woman.

This story was a smooth and quick paced read. Ainsley and Luc’s relationship can be categorized as leaning towards ‘insta-love’ but in such a light read it wasn’t a poor choice. There were a few really steamy moments and the dialogue between these two shifted often between emotional vulnerability and hilarious wit. Ainsley made several quick comebacks that had me in tears. I find strong-willed and sharp-tongued heroines are a favorite treat to find in a read, and on that front this story most definitely delivered.

The ‘thriller’ aspect of this story involving the hired henchmen on her tail seemed to be an afterthought to the plot. It served the purpose of getting her into Luc’s bar but that seemed to be the extent of it until the very end where things wrapped up quick and easy. I guess I personally felt there could have been more to explore in that area.

In summary I found that Lions, Tigers, and Sexy Bears Oh My! was an enjoyable read. A sweet romance with some laugh out loud dialogue, and a sexy bear of a man. If you have a taste for shifters, strong and independent heroines, and a tale that won’t wear too heavy on your emotional state then this might be the next title you should pick up.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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