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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

ARC Review: Rebecca's Lost Journals 1-4 by Lisa Renee Jones

At this point I will devour anything by Lisa Renee Jones! Her writing is fabulous, her characters are deep and interesting, and she always leaves you wanting more. After reading If I Were You, I couldn't wait to get more information on Rebecca. I knew that the journals were going to fascinate me as soon as I saw those gorgeous covers and they definitely held up to every single expectation that I had. If you haven't read If I Were You, you should start there before reading the journals and beware of possible spoilers below. However if you are already familiar with the series and haven't read these journals, you should absolutely check them out! I think that Lisa Renee Jones is absolutely brilliant, and you will not be disappointed with these short novellas!

Rebecca's Lost Journals Volume 1: The Seduction

For me this first journal really begins to fill in the gaps as far as Rebecca's character goes. Not only do you begin to see similarities between Sara and Rebecca, but you also see that despite what they have in common, they are very different in their ways of thinking. In The Seduction, Rebecca explains how she begins to work for the gallery and you get some of her back story. I also loved seeing how she and Mark met and the instant attraction between them. This novella sets up the relationship between Rebecca the submissive and her Master. It was really interesting to me how different she seemed to me after reading this first journal. In If I Were You, she is just some anonymous writer from a journal and there really wasn't a big connection between her and the reader. But by reading her thoughts and feelings in these journal entries, you really get to see what made her tick and it gives so much more to the overall experience the reader feels when reading the Inside Out Series. The journal entries were well written and went into detail without ever being dry or boring and they really made me want to go back and start all over with the series! As usual after reading this novella Jones left me wanting more and I can't wait to read the next one!

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Rebecca's Lost Journals Volume 2: The Contract

The Contract is the second journal novella and mostly centers around Rebecca receiving a contract from the Master and deciding whether or not to sign it. In The Contract, things are going well for Rebecca at the gallery. She is starting to gain more responsibilities and is enjoying her work. We get to see more of a few well known characters, some as Rebecca is meeting them for the first time. I really loved getting to see how Rebecca sees everyone and her thoughts and feelings in comparison to Sara's. As Rebecca is settling into her job though, thoughts of her Master and the contract take over most of her thoughts and she struggles with the decision she knows she must make. Regardless of her attraction and growing feelings for her Master, there are things in the contract that bother her. Her Master is determined to convince her that they can start off gentle and ease into things, and he begins to show her exactly why she should take the risk and say yes. Rebecca begins to open herself up to her Master and finds herself doing things for him that she had never though of doing for anyone before. This novella begins to show Rebecca's growth and her acceptance of becoming a submissive, and I found it fascinating to read her thoughts and feelings rather than just witness the scenes like you would in a normal story. Lisa Renee Jones continues to show her genius by using these journal entries to dig deep into the story and offer a different way of telling her story through multiple character's POVs.

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Rebecca's Lost Journals Volume 3: His Submissive

The Submissive is the third journal novella, and things really got intense in this one. Rebecca is giving herself to her Master and the more time that goes on, the more she begins to rely on him. Before, she was intrigued by him and always very attracted to him. However in His Submissive, she really starts to depend on him and I feel as though she is really starting to lose herself with the continuation of their relationship, just as she has stated multiple times that she fears. I think part of her losing herself also stems from the terrible nightmares that she keeps having. All of her subtle hints about being betrayed in the past and needing control of her life really make me want the whole story of her past. This novella just makes me that much more curious about what happened in her past between her and her mother? His Submissive has really drawn me in even more than I already was and i'm left wanting more as always by Lisa Renee Jones. There are many more physical interactions between Rebecca and her Master in this novella as their relationship progresses, and they are smoking hot! I loved all the lessons that her Master is teaching her, and the last one when he takes her to the club had me fanning myself and reaching for a glass of water! I can't wait to get more of Rebecca's thoughts and feelings in the next journal!

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Rebecca's Lost Journals Volume 4: My Master

In My Master, Rebecca begins to realize just how much of herself she has lost and she decides that regardless of her feelings for her Master, she cannot continue in the relationship the way she has been. This one was absolutely heartbreaking to read. You could really feel the sadness and sorrow that had become such a part of Rebecca. Her journal entries showed how dark her relationship with her Master had become and it was clear to see that her Master was doing everything possible to keep distance between the two of them. I really loved seeing Rebecca stand up to her Master though, and begin to take her life back. She found her strength and even knowing the devastation she would feel not being with her Master anymore she took action to start living the life she wanted to live. There were times reading this one that you could see that her Master clearly cares for her and the whole time you are hoping that it won't end in heartache for the two of them. This one was emotional, deep and left me absolutely wanting to read more about all these characters that we have come to know and love. Despite all the struggle, I found myself enjoying the connection that the two of them shared especially when her Master let his guard down a little. I can't wait to read more and see how things end up and where Lisa Renee Jones takes us next.

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Overall, these journal novellas were quick and hot reads! But besides all the steam, these journal entries of Rebecca's gave a whole new depth and understanding to not only the Inside Out Series, but to several of the characters as well. Before reading these, I didn't think that they would be so necessary to the series. But after having read them, I feel as though everyone who reads this series needs to also read these. Lisa Renee Jones keeps proving to me with every story of hers that I read why she is absolutely amazing! She is not only the queen of writing stories filled with romance and suspense, but she creates characters that are impossible not to connect to and fall in love with. I highly recommend that if you haven't read anything from her or the Inside Out Series that you immediately fix that!

**ARCs' provided by Author**


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