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Saturday, September 28, 2013

ARC Review: One Night In The Spa by Kathy Lyons

One Night In The Spa is a contemporary romance novella by Kathy Lyons. What originally drew me in was the cover and the blurb. I was excited to read this one because of the friends to lovers trope. I am definitely a sucker for a guy who has the feelings and is determined to win over his heroine. However for me, this story just didn't work. This story was very short, almost so short that if you blink it is over. Despite the short length, I found it hard to finish as it just didn't keep my interest.

After an injury, Kim has to give up her professional racquetball career and goes to work for a gym. She is the manager of the gym and her best friend David is the manager of the spa next door. They have known each other for 3 years and he has wanted her since the beginning. Kim has no clue that he feels more than friendship for her. Recently Kim has started to feel things that she never has before. Since she hasn't been as active and constantly training to stay in shape, her body has started to go through puberty and she has begun to look and want every guy around her. After David finds this out, he is determined to be the guy to show her what being an adult is all about. When she arranges a facial and massage, he views this as the perfect way to seduce her into wanting more with him than friendship. But after their night together in the spa and some secrets are exposed, is a relationship together possible?

David was a nice enough character. He seemed to really care for Kim, and he looked out for her. I didn't really care for Kim. I felt like she was extremely immature for her age of 24. The fact that she thought she was seriously ill because she was horny all the time was just over the top for me. Most of this story just seemed far fetched and ridiculous to me. I felt like even though there was chemistry and steam between Kim and David that their relationship progressed at an alarming rate. There was no transition from friendship to love, which seemed unrealistic to me considering that Kim had no romantic feelings for him before their night together. I just didn't feel the connection between the two of them and I didn't feel as though I had connected with them at all. For some reason, these characters just didn't interest me.

The fact that David was spying and committing an illegal act by obtaining secret financial documents from Kim's computer and the entire thing was just glossed over was also something that I didn't care for. I also would have liked to have seen some of Kim's past have some resolution. Kim has some damage from things that happened at a young age and they are like the rest of the big things in this story in that they just seem to be brought up and dropped. There were just too many things going on in such a short amount of time, that I felt as though everything was crammed into a few pages. Things were either forgotten or happened instantly. I know that things typically happen rather fast in novellas, but this one was just way beyond that. This story just wasn't for me. I just couldn't get into all the silly things that bordered on ridiculous with this one. If you read for the sole purpose of being entertained, and don't care about how realistic the story is you will probably enjoy this one.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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