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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

ARC Review: Everything For Us by M. Leighton

Everything For Us is the third novel in M. Leighton's Bad Boys Series. This book is Marissa and Nash's story, and should be read after reading the first two books. Although this story is about Olivia's cousin Marissa, there is so much back-story that is needed to understand what is happening in this book that this story cannot be read as a stand-alone. I honestly wasn't sure if I would enjoy this story. If you have read the first two books, then you will understand how i could be a little apprehensive about Marissa getting her HEA. But I am very glad that I read this, and I really did enjoy reading about not only Nash but also Marissa.

Marissa is used to doing everything to please her dad. Anything he asks, she automatically does. She has become so used to her privileged life and her rich friends that she doesn't realize what kind of person she has become. But after being mistaken for her cousin and kidnapped, she quickly realizes that her life as she has known it is over. Nash has been living a life full of hiding out and doing whatever he has to in order to survive. But when he rescues Marissa, there is a connection between them that not only makes him think about much more than he should, but also makes him want to be better for her. Marissa and Nash begin to spend more time together while they work to bring down those responsible for the tragedy that the Davenport's have suffered. Marissa knows that Nash can wreck her heart, and Nash knows that he is no good for Marissa. But as the attraction and connection between them strengthens, will they end in heartbreak or figure out a way to let the other in and find their happily ever after?

I really liked Nash! He is sexy and dirty, and one of those rough around the edges guys that you just can't help but be drawn to. I found his character so interesting since he was supposed to be the one who would go to law school and had everything going for him before fate stepped in and changed everything for him and his family. He ended up turning out more like his brother than what he ever expected. I really liked seeing him go from struggling with his feelings for Marissa to coming to terms with the fact that he was falling in love with her. Marissa turned out to be a very likable character. It is sad that it took her being kidnapped to realize what she was like and that she wanted to change, but i'm glad that she was given a second chance. I loved that Marissa stood up to her father and decided to live her life the way she wanted and went after the things that she believed in. I thought that she was great for Nash. They were both exactly what the other needed. Where he was rough she would sort of round out the edges. These two were off the charts hot together also! I loved reading their steamy scenes!

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed reading this story. Marissa and Nash were a great couple, and I was right there with them experiencing every high and low they shared. Marissa and Nash really drew me in to their story and made me fall for them. It was also really great to see more of Cash and Olivia. I was really glad that we got to see more of their story and the story of their family. A lot of questions that were brought up before were answered and I feel like the characters were able to get the closure that they needed in regards to the awful past that they had suffered. This series is great, and is filled with well written and interesting characters. I would highly recommend this series to fans of romantic suspense stories that really steam up the pages. This series will keep you turning the pages until you reach the end.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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