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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Review: Kindling the Moon by Jenn Bennett

Arcadia ‘Cady’ Bell, aka Selene Duval and Mother of Ahriman, is a bartender and magician who wears a halo. As do the demons who frequent her bar. Her parents, Enola and Alexander Duval, are accused of being notorious murderers. They faked their deaths and are in hiding. Cady changed her name and has tried to have a normal life. Also she has tried to prove her parents’ innocence. The Luxe, a rival group of occultists, is searching for her and her parents. She seeks the help of her friend, Fr. Carrow. He explains only one man can help her combat the forces stacked up against her. Lon Butler is a former priest, famous photographer, and a halo wearing, horn spouting demon. He has an extensive collection of books on the occult, some stolen from the Vatican. She meets him and Jupe, his thirteen year old son. Over the years, she has devised spells and wears her power on symbols embedded in her arms. Mix them with a little saliva or blood, she can become temporarily invisible. The Luxe sends Riley Cooper, the leader’s daughter, after Cady. Instead, Lon and Cady capture her and start to unravel the mystery of a glass talon and Nivella the White. Being a moon child, Cady can summon her Heka powers. Until now, she didn’t realize her own strength. Lon introduces her to the underbelly of the magic world. In combatting them, she shows her true self. Lon brings out the best and the lust in her. Her parents are discovered and Cady rushes to help them. “Sometimes you wish your parents would just stay dead,” Cady says. No one from her past is who they seem. It may cost her life, but she’s ready to fulfill her destiny.

This is the beginning of an excellent series. Lon and Cady make an unlikely and charming couple. She has the power and he has the knowledge about how to use it. Jupe adds much to the story and, after he’s attacked, brings the couple closer together. He’s also a demon. Watching his character grow will add tension to the budding relationship. Lon, as his father, is strict. Cady, as his potential stepmother, not so much. There is a refreshing use of supernatural power because Cady draws from the good and the bad. Looking forward to the rest of the Arcadia Bell books.

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  1. I'm a fan of the series and was crushed that it ended after 4 books and a novella. I definitely felt there was more for Arcadia to do and experience. All the characters are likable, even Jupe and I'm not a fan of kids in my books.

  2. I haven't had a chance to get to this series yet, but it sounds great. Thanks for sharing!