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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

ARC Review: No Ordinary Mistress by Robyn Dehart

This was a fantastic novella. It has espionage, murder, adventure and romance all packed into a few pages. Remington Hawthorne, Earl of Latham and Emma Masterson are both spies for the crown. When the story begins Remington and Emma are working together as spies in France. Emma is still a new spy and trying desperately trying to prove herself in a male dominated field. Emma does not have a title or family to fall back on and she does not want to follow in her mother’s footsteps and take a “protector”. Remington has it all, title, money and he works for the crown as a very accomplished spy. Emma and Remy are very attracted to each other. They share very close quarters when they work together on their mission. Both of them realize that it’s just a matter of time before they give into their temptation. When Emma receives her next assignment, she has instructions to seduce her next target. The assignment casts a big argument and strain on Emma and Remy and they go their separate ways.

Years later they are thrown together again. Emma was completing an assignment when her target was murdered! She is now on the run and in need of protection. The only way that Emma can be protected is by posing as Remy’s mistress, a position that she fought hard not to be in. Remy is delighted to be with Emma again, he realizes that his feelings for her did not disappear with time and that he feels even more deeply for her. As Emma and Remy are once again reunited as partners they work together to find out who is trying to betray the crown. Emma is now a better spy and more confident. Remy realizes that she has grown into her role and that she can take care of herself, but Remy can’t stand by and watch the woman he loves be put in danger.

Although novellas are short, I thought that Robyn Dehart masterfully balanced the romance, adventure and murder mystery. She also gave the characters enough time apart so that both could grow. Emma has a lot to prove to the other spies, many are against a woman being a part of their profession. But Emma is strong and can handle herself. Emma and Remy have great chemistry and are fun to read about. It was intriguing to watch them unravel who was behind the murder and the traitor to the crown. I definitely recommend this great story and greatly enjoyed reading it.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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  1. Oh, I like this type of story. I'll definitely have to grab it. Thanks for sharing!