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Monday, March 10, 2014

ARC Review: The Best Kind of Trouble by Courtney B. Jones

The Best Kind of Trouble is the first book that I have ever read by Courtney B. Jones and I went in to this one not really knowing what to expect. For some reason, I thought this was a stand alone so when I got to the end I was pretty surprised. This book is the first in the Trouble series, and the ending definitely leaves the reader wanting more and with a lot of questions. For me though, this book left me with mixed feelings. It is hard to put into words everything that I liked and didn't like because I don't want to spoil the story, but I did like this book enough to stick with it and I can tell you that I will absolutely be reading the next book because I have to know what happens.

Ashley Parker has had a tough time when it comes to dating. The last guy she dated slept with her friend. When she meets Nathan, she instantly feels attracted to him and she feels like there is a stronger connection with him than anyone she has ever met before. She tries to stay away, but Nathan refuses to give up. Nathan and Ashley begin seeing each other and although they try to take things slow, they end up not being able to fight their feelings. Ashley quickly figures out that Nathan is just like every other guy out there though when he dumps her right after. He uses the excuse of needing to focus on football and not being able to keep things casual but not being able to give her more either. She knows that Nathan is hiding something though, but he won't tell her anything else. With her heart broken, Ashley pursues her singing and ends up getting signed. When she heads out on the road to tour, she ends up getting closer to her guitarist Caleb. Caleb is a nice guy and there is a lot of chemistry between them. Caleb tells Ashley that he can make her no promises, but Ashley is alright with that because she isn't looking for a relationship either. Can Caleb help Ashley have some fun and heal her broken heart? And what happens when Nathan reappears and finally tells Ashley everything that he had been keeping from her?

I really truly did not understand Nathan at all. I had moments where I liked him a lot and moments that he absolutely disgusted me. He pursued Ashley relentlessly and was always there to pick her up when she needed him, but yet then he would just shut himself off and run away. He knew that he didn't have any business being with her and yet he refused to let her move on. I hated that he wouldn't let her be with anyone else and was so possessive over her, and yet he was all over other girls and was messing around with them. Then at the end when Ashley is finally doing better he shows back up and lays it all out there. Once we find everything out, I honestly couldn't figure out why he had kept it a secret! He could have easily told Ashley everything from the beginning and it would have solved so many problems. Ashley had her moments as well. I liked her and yet there were things that really drove me crazy about her. I couldn't understand why she kept allowing Nathan to get to her. I get that she thought she loved him and that she didn't want to give up on that, but he treated her horribly. I also thought that she cried way too much. Everything she did seemed to end in tears, and I really wanted to tell her to buck up. I did like that she took advantage of the offer to get away and pursue her music though. I think that it was a really great idea for her to get away from everything and stay away from Nathan. I really liked that she was able to focus on her music and pursue a career in that. I really liked Caleb. I thought he was open and honest, and just really straight forward. He told it like it was and never once sugar coated anything. Honestly from the moment he appeared I was rooting for him. I think that Ashley had really great chemistry with both Nathan and Caleb. I felt like the connection with Nathan was obvious from the start, and while strong it was also not good for her. I felt like with Caleb, she really had a shot of having something with him. I think that both Caleb and Ashley have things that they need to work on, but that they could have something good together at the end of things. If Nathan wants to be with Ashley, I feel like he has a lot of work to do himself. He is in serious need of redeeming himself and proving that he is committed to her and only her if he ever has a shot of making me think he deserves another chance.

Even though I really had problems with Nathan, I hope that he is able to redeem himself. There is something about him that makes me want to not give up on him. I really do feel like Caleb is a good guy and should be the obvious choice for Ashley, and yet I just can't count Nathan out yet. I can honestly say this is the first time that I really could be happy regardless of who she ends up with as long as they treat her right and truly deserve to be with her. I am really interested to see where Jones takes these characters in the future, and I hope that we don't have to wait too long to see what happens. Even with the problems I had, I kept reading this story and had to see what would happen next. I didn't care for the ending and felt it was pretty abrupt. But part of that I think is because I hadn't been expecting it to be more than one book. I am not sure how I missed that, but I think I would have been more accepting of the ending had I known (but that is entirely my fault). Now I just have to try and be patient while I wait for the next book. I think that this was a very interesting start to this series, and I think that a lot of New Adult fans will really enjoy this book.

**ARC provided by Itching For Books**

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