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Saturday, April 19, 2014

ARC Review: Indecent Desires by Jane O'Reilly

I have been really enjoying the Indecent Trilogy from Jane O'Reilly, so I couldn't wait to start the third installment Indecent Desires. I really loved Lucas from Indecent Proposal, but I knew that he wasn't right for Amber. As much as I had enjoyed him in that book, I felt like it took a bit away from the relationship developing between Amber and Scott. So I was really excited to get a book where Lucas finally got his story told and where he got everything that he deserved. These books can be read separately and as standalones since they have interconnected characters. I would highly recommend reading all of them though as they are short and hot and you really get to see the whole picture for each of the characters by starting at the beginning.

Meredith is looking for a husband and a family. At the age of thirty-four, she knows that she is running out of time and after her divorce things have become even more important to her. Her husband told her that she was too bossy and was a constant nag. Now she is trying to become more agreeable and she is determined to be less bossy in her next relationship. She is looking for the perfect match for her by day, but by night she is watching her sexy younger neighbor pleasure himself just for her. She slips him notes and he always shows at night to follow her orders. They have never spoken and he has no idea who she is. One day, he shows up at her desk at work to help her office install some new computer software. Soon they are both drawn into a game and the stakes have never been higher. They are both pushing boundaries and are determined to get what they want. When they finally give in to the passion between them, they find that the other is able to fulfill them in ways that no one else ever could. Can she get over his age and the thought that he is not what she was looking for though and have a chance at a future together?

I loved Lucas! He was so sexy and sweet, and determined to get what he was after. I loved that he pursued Meredith and wouldn't let her get away with keeping things only on her terms. He wasn't ashamed of his desires or who he was, and I absolutely loved him for it. It was nice to see a different side of BDSM, where the female is the one in charge and the male not only is ok with it but needs and craves it. I liked seeing Lucas not only follow what Meredith said and wanted but be so passionate about it with her. I also really liked how he encouraged her and supported her unlike her ex-husband. He showed her that it was ok to be herself and to not deny who she was and what she wanted and needed. I had a tough time relating to Meredith, but I liked the way she was with Lucas. She was pretty cold and rigid at first, and I just didn't ever really come to like her as I had wished. But as the story progressed it was great to see her loosen up and start to really come into her own with Lucas's help. I didn't have a problem with her being dominant or controlling things, but it would have been nice to see her a little softer with Lucas and really see her feelings show. I don't mean to be softer on him in the bedroom, but I felt like by the time that we actually saw her feelings for him it was a bit too late. Before that it seemed to be lust and control only, and it felt like the relationship was pretty one sided. I did think that Lucas and Meredith had a lot of chemistry and were really steamy together though.

Overall, I did really enjoy this story and I really loved Lucas. These novellas really surprised me, because normally I am not a fan of novellas or short stories. These were able to tell a complete and believable story every time, and I didn't feel as though anything was missing. I am really impressed with what Jane O'Reilly was able to do in such a short amount of pages, and I really liked her writing style. I would definitely recommend these books to anyone looking for some short and hot erotica, and I think that these are stories that a lot of people will really enjoy. These are the perfect way to spend a little bit of time and get all the heat and steam that you are looking for when you need a quick fix or don't have the time to read a full novel. I will definitely be looking for more from Jane O'Reilly in the future, and I can't wait to see what she comes up with next!

**ARC Provided by Author**

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