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Friday, April 18, 2014

ARC REVIEW: To Love a Highlander by Sue Ellen Welfonder

Sorley the Hawk believes he is the bastard son of a Highlander. He’s tolerated by the court’s men because he saved the king’s life with a precision arrow shot, hence his nickname. Mirabelle MacLaren’s father, Munro, is a scholar and herbalist, translating books for the king. He also seeks to marry off his daughter. He doesn’t see through Sir John Sinclair’s treachery, but everyone else does. Especially Mirabelle and Sorley. Mirabelle propositions Sorley, ruin her so Sinclair will take his attentions elsewhere. He believes Sinclair killed his friend. He’s happy to oblige, but doesn’t want to let Mirabelle go after one night. She believes in ghosts and sees the infamous Pink Lady. She also figures out Sorley is a member of the Fenris soldiers. She recognizes him when he’s in disguise. A stranger comes into the local tavern looking for Sorley. Grim MacKintosh has an astonishing message, Archie of Duncreag Castle is Sorley’s father. He travels with Grim to meet Archie. Sinclair sees an opportunity to kidnap Mirabelle. Sorley spots them on the road and rushes to save her. She witnesses his brutal strength with his treasured sword, Dragon Breath. I loved the fact it has a name. The Pink Lady continues to follow them because their love is true.

Sorley and Mirabelle met as children and the spark has never gone out. They make a good couple because he has respect for her. He appreciates her intelligence and recognizes her predicament. She has no choice in her father’s decision about a husband. Sorley does rescue her from Sinclair and from the life she’s led. Sorley proves he’s worthy of her love and confidence. Sorley is making the best of what life has handed him. Being born on the wrong side of the sheets doesn’t define him. He makes his own place in life.

Mirabelle is surrounded by books and intelligent people. Because she is a woman, she’s relegated to the back of the line. She tries to be a good daughter, but sees her father’s naiveté about reading people’s characters. She loves her home and Scotland and will be a welcome addition to Archie’s family.

I liked this story because it shows people were intelligent and interested in the natural world. Mirabelle’s father and the King both are looking for medicinal properties for plants. It reminds us fascination with the world around us is as old as time.

This is the first in a series of books. Other men are introduced as fellow outcasts. My guess is they will be the heroes of the next books.

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