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Monday, July 21, 2014

ARC Review: The Hazards of Sex on the Beach by Alyssa Rose Ivy

The Hazards of Sex on the Beach is the third book in Alyssa Rose Ivy's Hazards series, but can easily be read as a standalone. This book has interconnected characters, and it was nice to get to see some familiar characters. I have to say that this book was my favorite book of Alyssa's to date, and I thought that it was really good. I think part of why I liked this one so much was because of Chase. He was fantastic, and is definitely worth reading about.

After finding out that her boyfriend had been cheating on her with his ex, Cara's friend drags her to a party to try and help her move on. She ends up having a bit too much to drink and hooking up with a hot stranger on the beach. When he tries to get her number, she quickly leaves before he has a chance to find anything out about her. After thinking about him constantly and deciding that she made a mistake, she ends up going to a concert with her friend Jade. Cara is surprised to find that her one night stand Chase is actually the lead singer of the band. Chase sees Cara and isn't about to let her run away so easily this time. With Chase being on the road constantly with the band and Cara's trust issues, can they possibly have a chance at a relationship together?

I really liked Chase. He was so sweet and he was a really great guy. The whole book Cara kept questioning if he was too good to be true, and I have to admit I was kind of doing the same thing. But he really was that great, and he proved it again and again. I liked seeing how he did whatever he could to show Cara that he wanted only her and that he was determined to make things work with her. He made a difficult situation easier to handle, and I loved how understanding he was. Cara had been hurt and betrayed, and because of that she had some issues with trust and felt a bit insecure. I liked that she was open with Chase though, and she was able to let him in. Chase was exactly what she needed and it was really good to see her moving on with her life. I also liked seeing her find something that she enjoyed doing and the fact that Chase supported her and did what he could to help her made me like him that much more. I thought that Chase and Care had really great chemistry together and things were always steamy between them. But you could also see the emotions and feelings developing between them, and I loved watching them fall for one another.

Overall, this was a great addition to this series and was my favorite so far. This series just seems to keep getting better, and I really love the characters. It is nice to get to know new characters, but also catch glimpses of the ones from previous books. I like that they are always different and unique, and that they seem so real. Chase was definitely one of my favorites I have read of Alyssa's, and is also on of my favorite book boyfriends that I have ever read before. I loved seeing him win Cara over, and his songs for her were so sweet. I loved seeing him put his feelings out there for the whole world to see and that he wasn't ashamed of how he felt about her. I highly recommend checking out Alyssa Rose Ivy's books if you haven't read any before, but honestly this one is a must read for me. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next, and I look forward to reading more from her.

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  1. Thank you so much reading and reviewing The Hazards of Sex on the Beach! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! :)