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Sunday, July 20, 2014

ARC Review: Queen of Wands by Katee Robert

Queen of Wands is book two of Katee Robert’s Sanctify series. As far as Sci-fi Romance goes this was pretty good, I like it enough I want to read more but not necessarily want to own the whole series. Not having read the first book Queen of Swords I was a little lost but that didn’t take away from the story. I enjoyed reading through the misadventures of Jenny and Mac where it seems that even in this sci-fi setting Murphy’s Law is in full effect, if it could go wrong it does.

Jenny O'Keirna the youngest daughter of the ruling family of the Hansardas has grown up hard due to the fact that she was thrown into exile as a child but everything has changed he evil father and half brother are now dead and she’s back home and under lock and key. The new King, her brother, Boone and Ophelia from Queen of Swords are living happily in un-marital bliss with their new baby when a distress call comes in from the inventor.

Mac Flannery is out for vengeance against the evil that is Sanctify. Inventing new and improved weapons to fight Sanctify and tracking them with his genius mind. He has discovered unsettling news that in dangers everyone, Sanctify is out for blood and is tracking down everyone opposing them and “cleansing them”. Mac has called out an SOS to have him pulled and to go into hiding. Ophelia thinks it’s a good idea to send Jenny and her crew to do the pick-up. Jenny doesn’t want to be attracted to Mac he’s not her type, but he sees threw her masks and calls her on her shit and she can’t seem to help herself. Mac only thought he knew Jenny after doing a thorough background check on her, but there is so much more to her then her beauty and deadly skills but to win her over he has to play it careful with her.

Together Jenny and Mac fight with each other and together against Sanctify and the High Priest at every turn and just when they think a plan is coming together it falls apart. Part of it was a little predictable and the sci-fi elements were a tad bit generic but overall the book was entertaining and even if you haven’t read Queen of Swords I would recommend it.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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