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Monday, July 21, 2014

ARC Review: Sharing You by Molly McAdams

I have been waiting to read Sharing You since I first saw the cover and read the blurb. I need to start off by saying that this book will not be for everyone. This book has a love triangle, and yes there is cheating involved. I really believe that this book is worth the read though and that even though it was hard to get through at times that this book is about how true love always prevails. Real life is messy, and we don't always get to choose who or when we fall in love. To me, that is what this book is about, and I can't even begin to fully describe my love for Kam and Brody.

Kamryn Cunningham is used to doing everything that her parents tell her, and as the princess of the horse racing world Kamryn's life has always been planned for her. She wants nothing more than to life a normal life while opening up her own bakery. At 23 she finally leaves Kentucky to head to Oregon and start a new life where no one knows her. The only person who knows where she is is her family's maid Barb, who was more of a parent than her own were. Finally happy and living the life she dreamed of, she is happy with her bakery and with the new friends she has made. When her best friend tries to hook her up with a friend of hers, Kamryn isn't ready to date anyone. But when her best friend's brother-in-law Brody walks in, everything changes. Brody and Kamryn are instantly drawn to each other and share a connection that they have never felt before. Unfortunately there is a huge obstacle in their way, in that Brody is married. At 26 Brody is stuck in an unhappy marriage with a woman he hasn't loved for years. After she got pregnant he married her, and things continued to fall apart after that. Olivia has always been manipulative and uses the guild that Brody feels after they tragically lost their son to keep him from leaving her. But Brody can't ignore that his feelings for Kamryn and they find it impossible to fight what is between them. But Brody and Kamryn will have many more obstacles in their way before they can truly be together. Can they make it through together, or will they both end up with broken hearts?

I really loved Brody and Kamryn. Yes what they did was not something that I would support or condone, but at the same time I really believed that their bond and love was real and that they belonged together. Brody felt a ton of guilt because of the loss of his son, and he felt like he owed it to Olivia to stay with her despite everything. He was clearly not happy and was drowning in the life he was forced to live, but he really started to come back to life with Kamryn. She really brought out the real him, and believed that what they had was strong enough to fight for. She wasn't in an easy position, and I can't imagine what she had to go through. But I was so glad that she never gave up. Kamryn was easy to admire because she went after what she wanted, and didn't let the wealth and lifestyle of her parents keep her from being happy and pursuing her dream. She was able to be the person she wanted to be because she was willing to be on her own and take the risk. Brody was a great match for her, and I really felt like the two of them were meant to be. They connected on absolutely every level, and you could really see just how much these two felt for each other. Their chemistry was off the charts amazing, but the love and emotional connection were what made these two special.

Overall, I thought that this book was really good. I honestly felt like even though Brody was married and was technically cheating that he really didn't have a relationship with his wife at all. I honestly thought that she was sick and needed help because she was absolutely crazy. How he was able to put up with her I will never know, but his character definitely deserved an award for dealing with her. Not only was she selfish and crazy, but she was straight up conniving and manipulative. I think that Brody let things go on with her longer than he should have though, and I could totally understand Kamryn's frustration. I was really happy about how things ultimately turned out though, and I knew that Brody and Kamryn had to get their HEA because there was no other option. Honestly this book was really good, and I think that it is worth the read even if you are skeptical of reading because of the subject matter. I would highly recommend this book and I can't wait to read more from Molly McAdams in the future.

**ARC Provided by Edelweiss**

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