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Sunday, August 31, 2014

ARC Review: Let Me Know by Stina Lindenblatt

Let Me Know is the second book in the Lost in You series by Stina Lindenblatt. This book picks up where Tell Me When ended, and should be read after the first book. I would not recommend this book unless you have read the previous story as it is not a standalone and would be hard to understand without having seen what had previously happened with these characters. When I first found out that there was going to be a sequel, I was really excited to read it. I really enjoyed the first book and felt like pretty much everything had been wrapped up in that book with one large exception. So I was really looking forward to seeing what happened next for Amber and Marcus. But after reading this book, I was left with a lot of mixed feelings and I didn't end up enjoying this story as much as I had hoped to.

Amber and Marcus have both been through so much, and have finally found some happiness together. As Amber's case against Paul continues to get closer, things start to fall apart. What was once clearly Amber the victim of kidnapping and rape, now appears to be consensual after someone starts to set Amber up with fake evidence and letters. Amber needs Marcus more than ever, but Marcus also ends up under attack when damaging information from his past surfaces and threatens not only Amber's case but also their relationship. When Marcus is forced to make a choice between staying with Amber and ending their relationship in order to help her out, he believes that breaking her heart will help insure her future. Amber must find her strength and determination to get through everything that is being thrown her way, while she also sets out to raise awareness for other victims like herself and Marcus. Can they find a way to get through things together despite all the obstacles in their way, or will there be too many things trying to keep them apart?

I had really loved Amber and Marcus in the first book. I liked how well they were able to bond through the pain that they had both suffered and turned it into a positive way for them to understand one another. I felt like they really were some of the only people who could truly understand one another because of everything that they had been through. It was nice to see that they were still on the same page in this book, and that their feelings and connection were as strong as ever. I really felt like they loved one another and that they belonged together. They were supportive and encouraging of one another, and would do anything to protect the other. I really hated it when Marcus allowed Amber's mother to interfere in their relationship, and I wish that he would have done things differently. I do understand what he was trying to do, but I felt like he should have made a better decision and at the very least talked to Amber about everything before he made any decisions. I felt like Amber was too forgiving about how everything happened, and I didn't understand why she just seemed to be okay with everything because she knew his motivation. I wouldn't have been able to move past everything so easily or quickly if I had been in her shoes.

I will also say that for me this one was slow moving for the majority of the story, and I kept losing interest. I would want to set the book down and walk away, and didn't have the desire to pick it back up quickly. This one just didn't affect me the way that the first book did, and I think a lot of this story was drawn out for effect. It seemed like a lot of drama had been created in order to stir the pot and keep things happening as Amber's case continued. I really felt like it got to be a bit much when it was one thing after another. I couldn't believe how much could happen to these two people who had already been subjected to so many awful things. It just felt like it was forced and that a lot of it was not believable at all. I also felt like although there was too much going on at times, that this one lacked resolution. While many things were brought up, the twists were left without much conclusion. I wanted to know what happened with Melissa's involvement with everything, and what happened with Marcus's stepfather and mother, also what happened with everything that had been done to set up both Marcus and Amber. While I was happy to get more of these characters as well as see some of the secondary characters again, I really felt like this story is being drug out at this point and I am starting to lose interest in the outcome. I am not sure if there is going to be another book after this one, but it really feels like there will be after finishing this one and seeing how the author left things. I honestly would not reread this story and I probably wouldn't continue this series if there were more books at this point. While I really enjoyed the first book, this second one fell flat for me and I would only recommend it to those that had read the first book and enjoyed it.

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