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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

ARC Review: Longing by Jamie K. Schmidt

Longing is the second book in the Club Inferno series by Jamie K. Schmidt, but each book can be read as a standalone with interconnected characters. I had been looking forward to reading this one even though I hadn't read the first book in the series. I have been on a NA kick lately, so something completely different and erotic was exactly what I had been hoping for. Unfortunately this book just didn't do it for me, and I ended up having several issues with the story.

Anya Litton is still dealing with the aftermath of her breakup with her ex Cesare and throws herself into her work as a plus sized model. She ends up at Club Inferno with her friends and decides to teach some classes as well as take a chance on the hot stripper she has had her eye on. Clint Reyes is a well known Dom and part time stripper, but his ultimate goal is to open up a tequila bar and is only working as a stripper to come up with the money to make his dream bar a reality. He is as instantly drawn to Anya as she is to him and he sets out to make her his. Anya struggles with insecurities due to her past relationship as well as her body type, and she is also new to the BDSM scene. Can Clint show her she is all he wants and that he is worthy of her trust?

I really had some issues with Clint and Anya. Clint was sweet and supportive one minute and then judgmental the next. He completely overreacted to a situation with Anya that I found to be ridiculous and then turned it around on Anya as though it was her fault that she didn't trust him enough. I would have done far worse than question his intentions if the same would have happened to me, and he should have talked to her about it before he did anything. I didn't like how easy it was moved past and felt like it along with many other things in this book were pretty much brushed under the rug and forgotten. Anya felt weak and insecure to me, and it never seemed to end. She was constantly doubting herself regardless of what Clint would do to try and convince her otherwise and it got really old after awhile. I do think that they had chemistry, but honestly their connection felt forced to me and I just didn't ever really feel as though they had fallen in love. The story was more about what was going on around them and with the club and others that I just never really saw them go from near strangers to a solid couple.

I also felt like this book had some issues with moving from one scene to a next. Often times there were no transitions and it left me lost and confused as I tried to figure out how we got from one point to the next. I would have appreciated some kind of acknowledgement of when it was switching from POVs as well. My other problem with this story was that although it is set around a secret sex club and the BDSM scene is prevalent throughout the story and characters, this book was remarkably tame. I kept waiting for more of the steamy stuff, and this one just didn't deliver. I was hoping to get more of Clint and Anya, and I just felt like what we did get wasn't much. I think that this book had potential, and I am all for a story with a realistic heroine that isn't a perfect size zero but this one just didn't deliver.

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